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Tantra and Self-Empowerment

We all have exactly the same opportunities to grow spiritually.                               No matter where our life circumstances have...

Signals from the Universe

It’s so easy to forget we live in a world inhabited by a cacophony of signals, different insignia that provide possible answers to our thoug...

Elementals and Natural Spirits

Could it be a nature spirit? At one time the existence of the elementals was freely accepted; now they are more widely regarded as mythical ...

The Power of Being

I hadn’t heard the term ‘owning’ it till recently but I love it. When I worked in the corporate world we used to talk about management walki...

The Focal Point

A tuning fork is a device used for calibrating musical instruments to a particular frequency (pitch). If you make one tuning fork vibrate...

The Great Taboo

Few of us want to talk about dying yet it is the one certainty of living. We will all face an end of life. I have been very privileged durin...
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