KSC Crystal Selection

This week’s selection of crystals include:-

Purple Jade, Vesuvianite, Ametrine Wands & Sunshine Aura Quartz.

Just click on the pictures to see this week’s selection.

I hope that you enjoy looking at the crystals I have chosen this week.

Purple Jade
The ‘Stone of the Infinite Shadow’, offers deeply set energies that help the being to strengthen the bond between all, to bring the understanding of infinite love, infinite touch and of the infinite soul.
The “Energetic Stone”
Vessuvuanite brings into line the will of the mind with the heart, bringing an completeness. It helps you find courage to change and discover your true path while releasing hidden fears and phobias.
Ametrine Wands
Ametrine is a combination of Amethyst & Citrine. Helps one adjust to changes in one’s life that involve blending the old with the new.
Sunshine Aura Quartz 
Sunshine Aura Quartz stimulates and cleanses the solar plexus, releasing old emotional damage and upset. It is a very protective stone that helps releases toxins.

Each week I add lots of new crystals.

Click here to see a small selection :-

New Items.

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