KSC Crystal Selection

This week’s selection of crystals include:-Larvikite, Diopside & Graphic Feldspar.


Just click on the pictures to see this week’s selection.I hope that you enjoy looking at the crystals I have chosen this week.

Larvikite stimulates inner visions and enhances our psychic abilities. It is said to allow us to see the past, including past lives, and to travel psychically through the dimensions.

Diopside is an empowering stone that helps to stimulate learning and understanding, to help one become better connected to the earth. Said to hold all the mysteries of the Universe many find that Diopside has a direct connection with Gia or Mother Earth.

Graphic Feldspar
This combination crystal brings to light the whole picture of our whole being, instead of focusing upon the smaller pieces or the temporary events.
This allows us to understand the difference between what we believe and what we actually “know”.
Each week I add lots of new crystals.Click here to see a small selection :-New Items.


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or email me at keithbirch@totalise.co.uk 
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