August 24 – September 22

The theme of change looks set to continue throughout April as you are beginning to enjoy the process of working out what you truly want from life. Change often brings about endings and beginnings, but you are feeling more than ready to have a cosmic clear-out from every nook and cranny of your soul. It’s as though you feel weighed down by the thoughts, beliefs, emotions, dreams and wisdom you’ve accumulated over the years and you want a spring clean! At the same time, clearing away physical clutter and too many distractions can also lighten the load. As you continue to let go of the many different layers of ‘stuff’, you are also honouring the process as you realise that every single thing you’re letting go of has brought you to where you are now. You’re not throwing caution to the wind and disregarding your life, and you’re not being indifferent or disrespectful by letting go, you are simply opening up your heart and soul towards living a simpler, but more enriching life.

Life is never as easy as ‘black or white’ on any level, and whilst you have learned a great deal over the years, you have also realised that accumulation doesn’t always mean ‘good’. Sometimes travelling more lightly is the key, as it enables you to move with the ebb and flow of the tides more freely and allows you to explore new terrain without the weight of too many ought’s, musts or shoulds. In many ways, this is more about a spiritual revolution than anything else; a sense you have reached a stage of enlightenment where you long to live spiritually and mindfully, away from the white noise of everyday life. You seem ready now to embrace change and to let change embrace you…

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