August 24 – September 22

As the concept of ‘not doing’ continues to weave its way through your life, there is a sense that you are beginning to gain a clearer sense of what ‘not doing’ really means. It would be easy to think ‘not doing’ is the opposite of ‘doing’, and in many ways it is, but this isn’t about doing nothing or giving up, nor is it about shirking any of your responsibilities; in this context, ‘not doing’ is a willingness for you to rest in the moment and to begin living your life more consciously. Life isn’t always about things to do, people to see and places to go; whilst you excel at all of these, there are times when you realise this can all come at a cost of not living your life more in accordance to your true essence. Whilst the concept of ‘not doing’ feels quite alien to you, intuitively you know it’s an important concept to grasp hold of now as you have reached a choice point in your life: to either continue as you are or not to.

Yes, you have achieved a great deal, and yet, there is still a sense of disconnection, a feeling that you’re not wholeheartedly connected to the path you walk in life. July presents you with an opportunity to re-evaluate your life from the inside, out, in order to think about your true priorities. In many ways, ‘not doing’ is just as important, if not more so, than ‘doing’, as it’s the spaces in the moments in-between the busy-ness where true wisdom resides. You may be a ‘do-er’ but there is doing in not doing; intuitively you know this to be true as sometimes ‘not doing’ is more proactive than ‘doing’. This isn’t a riddle, it’s simply a request for you to listen to your intuition in order to live a fuller, richer and more enhancing life…


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