August 24 – September 22

As you embrace the winds of change which continue to gather momentum within your heart and soul, there is a sense you are beginning to feel a sense of connection with the swirling winds as they begin to carve out a new pathway in your life. As yet, you are not quite sure where this pathway is heading, but you seem content with this uncertainty as your focus is in the here and now, watching the winds swirling around and gazing in awe as they carve out new shapes and forms. You have always been observant, and your abilities to see the finer details in life have allowed you to explore so much. At the same time though, you have also found yourself lost in the details, unable to see the bigger picture, and it can be hard knowing you’re in a forest when all you can see is the tiny piece of bark you have under your microscope. Whilst you will always be a details person, don’t forget that you are also a bigger picture person as well.

Fine details need context in order for you to make sense of them. So, step back to see the tree, the forest, the continent, the planet, the solar system, the universe. Use your intuitive prowess to discover new terrain within your heart and soul in order to ride those winds of change with courage and confidence. Whilst you have no idea where these winds will take you, enjoy the ride and try to stop clinging on so tightly as you move from fear to peace. May looks set to be a month for re-discovering your true nature and realising that there is plenty of room for fun and breathing space amongst the finer details. Just remember, this is your life, so live it well…

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