April 21 – May 20

As the pace of your life begins to slow down, there is a sense that this breathing space may not be as welcome as you thought. It’s not that you don’t value an opportunity for some peace and quiet, but you worry that the stillness will give you more time to think. Thinking leads to you contemplating your goals and what lights up your heart and soul. Whilst this is in no way a bad thing, it can sometimes feel like an irritation to you as it gets in the way of you getting on with the business of life. It’s as though dreams and goals get in the way of you keeping on keeping on and whilst you have never let your dreams go, to give them dedicated time feels like an indulgence. Of course, it isn’t an indulgence, but you feel so strongly about maintaining the apple cart and keeping on keeping on, too much time focused on your own needs or dreams feels too self-focused and you therefore really struggle to do this.

However, it’s time for you to realise that your dreams matter as they give you hope and inspiration, they also drive you towards new discoveries and help you to explore your gifts. Your dreams matter because they don’t only touch your life: you have so much to offer the world. You are a compassionate, passionate, talented and amazing soul and it’s time now to realise this as getting lost in distractions keeps you away from fulfilling your destiny. The details will surface more over time so don’t worry that your destiny isn’t clear cut or well-defined. It’s more important to focus on that warm, fuzzy, feel good buzz that lights up your heart and soul…

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