April 21 – May 20

The concept of honouring yourself looks set to take centre stage throughout July as you begin to see your life from a new perspective. You have spent a long time trying to be the best version of you that you can be, and you have sacrificed so many of your own hopes and dreams as a result. Over recent months, you have started to see the ways in which you give and over-give, as well as the ways in which others take and, well, over-take. Although you don’t like to admit it, there are some who do take advantage of your good nature and this has started to take its toll on you; it’s not that you begrudge helping others, but you are beginning to realise just how much this has sapped your spirit and depleted your energy over the long-term. Yet, you can struggle to stop this pattern, and then the frustration grows as you feel you should do more to resolve things. This then, undoubtedly, creates more pressure and more frustration, and so the cycle continues.

You have gone through a fairly intense and challenging period of self-doubt, self-exploration and bewilderment, trying to make sense of what motivates you to over-give and what causes you to let others over-take, but maybe the time has come for you to stop looking for the reasons and to instead make a conscious choice to create change? Making a choice to declare a new way of living and being is easier said than done, but you are a visionary, strong and creative soul, and where there is a will, you have the way. Try not to think too much about the things you have given up or sacrificed over the years, try to instead think about what warms your heart and soul, and make the present moment matter the most…

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