Cosmic Insights for July 2019

July looks set to be a month of continued release as we let go of more of the ‘stuff’ and clutter in our lives. We all have it; whether it’s physical clutter around the house, a cluttered laptop or a stuffed-up mind. It’s only natural to accumulate stuff and clutter on our journey through life, after all, we’re naturally inquisitive and curious beings. However, when we continually collect without letting go, we can become bunged up and stodgy as our sense of self fades under the weight of everything we carry around. Over time, we start to define ourselves through the clutter and, as a result, we risk becoming lost and disconnected from our sense of Self. We can end up with a kind of energetic constipation where we’re unable to move freely as energetic beings, as we’re so cluttered up with stuff. 

Obviously, the concept of stuff means something different to each individual; for some it’s anything other than the essential in life or ‘energetic minimalism’ and whilst this cuts out a lot of clutter, it does run the risk of the strictness acting as its own form of restriction and energetic restraint. For a great many others, it’s more about the extra knickknacks and window dressing: those things we pick up along the way because they look interesting at the time or simply because they’re there. There’s no right or wrong as we’re all unique, but the thread that unifies us is the willingness to acknowledge that the stuff exists and to realise the need to let it go. 

The more we hold on to, the more stagnant we become. Flow is important as it allows us to breathe more deeply into life as our lungs are freer and less unencumbered by clutter. The more we can set free, the lighter we feel, whilst this does allow us to welcome in the new, it also gives us the opportunity to breathe freely into the spaces created. Space is a good thing and it doesn’t need to be immediately filled with more clutter. It’s time we let go of the need to do more, be more, see more and achieve more. This isn’t to say that we should all give up on our hopes and dreams, but we do need to give up on the constant quest to be better as this suggests an unwillingness to accept and love ourselves exactly as we are. This then keeps us disconnected as our hopes are future focused rather than focused on the present moment. 

We are complex beings living in a complex world, and for many, stuff brings comfort and reassurance, and it can help give us a sense of belonging. Yet, at the end of the day, stuff cannot complete us as only we can do that ourselves. In the end, clutter becomes a distraction and it can become bigger than the sum of its parts as it can take over like ivy creeping through an old building. 

We seem ready now to travel more lightly and to set ourselves free from many of the conditions and restrictions we place on ourselves. Life really isn’t about how much stuff we can accumulate as it can’t make us happy. Stuff is just stuff; it only shapes and defines us if we allow it to. It’s time now to shake free and to find new ways of living that allow us to flourish, thrive and blossom…

For now, I wish you all kinds of wonderful.  

With love,