Cosmic Insights for September 2019

As the feeling of being ‘somewhere in the middle’ continues, throughout September there is a growing sense of connection to the twists and turns life. It’s as though several layers of sensitivity have suddenly been switched on, and we are each being challenged to find ways of dealing with this overload of information, emotion, experiences and awareness. Life is rarely straightforward, or black and white, but this feels a step beyond complicated, it’s akin to someone turning up the volume on all of the senses, and suddenly everything is more acute, from sounds, smells, sights and feelings.

It would therefore be easy to understand why so many of us are feeling a huge sense of burden, combined with confusion at the current time. Yet, there are many others who seem to be thriving in this chaotic, discombobulated and highly energised time. Many of us who are struggling at the current time may be feeling isolated and disconnected, particularly when others appear to be thriving. It can be hard feeling as though we’re standing on the edge looking in, as others flourish and blossom. However, it’s important to realise that we each have our own journey, and the fact that we may be struggling isn’t a sign that we not evolving fast enough, it’s simply a sign that the pace of change is moving more swiftly and with more intensity.

This isn’t to say that the more we suffer, the more we evolve, but as we know, it’s very often suffering that brings us a deeper sense of awareness. It’s as though the scars we bear (be they physical, emotional or spiritual) enable more wisdom and insight to arise. Many creative and spiritual souls carry a great many scars, and whilst very often these are a result of great suffering, these souls have turned to the pain and transmuted it into something of great beauty and majesty. There is no hard and fast rule as to how one can transmute pain or suffering, or indeed how we should, or shouldn’t, deal with challenges in our life, but what seems clear is a willingness to be self-compassionate and self-aware.

The scars we carry often allow more pain into our hearts and souls, but they also allow more light to come through. It’s perhaps slightly whimsical to suggest that we grow through suffering, but there is great truth in that belief. So, when we feel overwhelmed, disconnected and isolated, it’s important to know that we’re not truly on our own, as there are always like-minded souls walking the path at our side. Whilst we may not see them, intuitively we know they are there.

As a result, September looks set to be a month for increasing unity as we reach out. However, it’s also a time reach in as well. In essence this means reaching out to others, being more open and being willing to connect more deeply despite exposing ourselves more to raw emotions (we need to be willing to experience all emotions, the good and the ‘bad’ as we cannot be selective; if we try to build a brick wall, we shut out everything). Reaching in at the same time shows a willingness to gaze deeply into our own hearts and souls with compassion and love. After all, unless we can love and honour ourselves, the value of reaching out is limited because we have placed boundaries around ourselves.

Whilst there may be times when we feel as though everyone else is speaking a different language than us, it’s important to remember that, despite obstacles, there is a universal level of communication which means wherever we may find ourselves, there is always a way to reach out and connect. It’s not always obvious how to do this, but when we close our eyes and take a big deep breath, we open the door to our intuition; we then need to let it lead the way… 

For now, I wish you all kinds of wonderful.  

With love,