November 23 – December 21

‘Life is like a box of chocolates…’ is a phrase you’re all too familiar with. You take delight in not being too sure ‘what you’re going to get’ as you’re a spontaneous, free-spirited soul. Yet, there is a sense that whilst you accept your free-spirited nature, you don’t quite embrace it wholeheartedly. Life is like a box of chocolates, but you know the chocolates you love and the ones that quite frankly shouldn’t make it into the box. You also love the chocolatier and their unique flavour combinations, something you’d never find in a box. At the same time, a slab of Dairy Milk also goes down quite well. In other words, a box of chocolates doesn’t really cut the mustard for you as you need the freedom to live beyond the box and to eat whatever chocolate you fancy. Of course, moving beyond the chocolate analogy, it seems clear that you need freedom in your life to go ‘off box’ to follow your heart and soul.

You don’t really like diving into a box of chocolates not knowing what you’re going to get as you need some reassurance that it will be something you’ll like! So, a free-spirit, but one with a clearly driven sense of what’s acceptable and what’s not as you like far more clarity than you’d often think. Yes, you’re okay with spontaneity and the unknown, but as long as it’s an unknown you’ll like! There’s nothing wrong with this, but it’s important to acknowledge your true needs and wants as you’ve reached a time in your life to focus on eating the chocolates you love rather than tentatively biting into loads concerned that you’ll get something hideous. In other words, live life by what you want, not by what you don’t…

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