November 23 – December 21

Embracing your courage looks set to take centre stage throughout April as you reach an important crossroads in your life. There is often a sense of trepidation that surfaces when courage is mentioned as it can infer there may be challenging times ahead, and of course, that is a possibility as the path ahead is never without potholes. However, courage isn’t always about facing adversity, sometimes courage is about living life wholeheartedly and in accordance to your intuition. Sometimes courage is letting go of preconceptions and long-held beliefs in order to live your life as free as you need to be. It can be unquestionably hard at times to go against the flow of life and say ‘No!’ you’re not a sheep and you’re not content to do what society expects of you. Conditioning starts at a young age, but you’ve always had a strong sense of living your life as free as a bird and you have never given up on the idea that this is possible.

For much of your life you have felt tethered and unable to fly free as you have tried to be everything to everyone, and lacked the confidence in your own gifts to let them shine, but as you’ve grown older, you’ve realised the importance of self-belief when it comes to having the courage to fly high. Courage comes from your heart and soul, so let it fire you up and set you free. Whilst you have accepted your role in making past choices that have kept you ‘tethered’ to routine and everyday living, you still find it hard to walk a different path. You know you already have what it takes to head for unchartered terrain, you just need to believe it now. This is your moment to spread those wings and fly boldly towards a brand-new dawn…

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