November 23 – December 21

As you continue to piece together individual moments of tranquillity amongst the mêlée and throng of life, there is a sense that this is gradually growing into something more tangible and substantial. It’s akin to a snowball, starting off small, but slowly and steadily growing into something much bigger. However, unlike a snowball that is whizzing downhill going faster and faster, this seems to be gentler and less animated. Your life has undoubtedly been on fast forward for quite some time, so it may feel slightly strange that things are slowing down. At the same time, this slower pace could actually feel slightly frustrating as you still have so many things to do, people to see, places to go and things to achieve. You could therefore find yourself feeling stuck in between a moment, on one hand wanting to charge ahead, and on the other, beginning to enjoy a slightly slower pace of life.

It’s only now you’ve slowed down, that you’ve noticed how much magic and energy is contained within a single moment, and this is enabling you to re-focus and re-hone your goals and dreams. Yet, your life is still busy, full of distractions and things to do, and whilst this is your normal, everyday existence, there is a sense that it’s time for you to let at least some of this go as it feels more like clutter than essential things to do. Yes, you thrive on busyness, challenge and the chaos of life, but you also need space, quiet and tranquillity in order to grow and develop your phenomenal intuition and your far-reaching effervescence. Its time now to find a truer sense of balance in your life, to realise that it’s okay to have quiet time, and to know it’s fine to take some time out once in a while. This is your life, live it your way…

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