February 20 – March 20

As you continue to explore the currents and tides of life, you are finally beginning to realise that you are a creator of the currents rather than a passive piece of driftwood. Whilst you have intuitively sensed this for years, you have been reluctant to take ownership of this as it has somehow felt a bit brash and self-indulgent to you to feel like you have any sense of control of the direction of the flow of your life. Now this isn’t to say that you are in total control as you’re not, but you do have far more input than you often like to believe. It’s not that you like to avoid taking responsibility for the currents (the choices and decisions you make), it’s just that you so frequently can’t see beyond the mêlée of your everyday life and therefore just can’t see where or how you have any sense of control. However, if you pause for a moment, close your eyes, take a deep breath and re-centre, you will quickly regain your sense of focus.

Being a creator of the currents isn’t about ego and it’s not a negative thing (after all, everyone creates the currents in some way, shape or form), but it’s still important for you to acknowledge your role in your own life, otherwise you can end up feeling more and more like that piece of driftwood, with your sense of self slowly drifting away. Undoubtedly you have been through some challenging times and there have been moments when it has all felt like to much, but as soon as you take a breath and re-centre, you quickly begin to regain your poise and balance. Life is rarely straightforward, but it seems that the more you begin to reconnect to your heart and soul, and the more you open up to the currents you create, the more you will find a deeper and truer sense of peace…

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