February 20 – March 20

You’re amazing. Believe it. Those words ended your last forecast and they seem just as relevant in May as they were in April, if not more so. You are very good at giving yourself a hard time for not being enough, doing enough, achieving enough or saying enough. You always feel you ‘could do better’ and rarely feel happy or contented with your efforts and achievements. You have grown so used to feeling somehow ‘less than’ that it has become a part of your everyday belief system. This needs to change. Right now! You are kind, loving, giving, generous and you really are amazing; it’s time to start believing in this now. Yes, there is always an opportunity to do things better or differently, but to constantly berate yourself for not doing more only leads to a life of lack as nothing is ever good enough. Now this isn’t to say you should stop striding towards your dreams or learning from any ‘mistakes’, this is more of a forceful nudge in the ribs to remind you to love yourself more. It’s time to start offering some of that gentleness, loving and generosity to yourself.

May looks set to be a month of a deepening of the connection within your heart and soul, a willingness to become one with the ebb and flow of life. This makes it even more important for you to open up to loving yourself wholeheartedly (warts and all), as without self-love and self-compassion, how can you truly find peace? You are intuitive and wise, so listen to your heart and soul, and let this inner wisdom guide you forwards. Start letting go of the resistance within and start believing just how amazing you are. This isn’t about ego, it’s about self-love. So, take a deep breath, honour yourself, let go and let love…

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