February 20 – March 20

It really is time to stop pushing yourself so much and giving yourself such a hard time. This isn’t a new message for you, but there’s a sense that you’re standing with your fingers in your ears going ‘la la la’ in an attempt to not listen. What isn’t clear is why. Why are you so keen to give yourself such a hard time? You’ve worked so hard over recent months to create a little bit of space in your life which is you-shaped, enabling you to have some much-needed time to yourself, yet, you still continue to push yourself beyond your limits. Yes, it’s not easy being someone who loves to help others, and it’s difficult when you’re not sure where your boundaries end and the boundaries of others begin.

There’s a sense that you’ve reached a kind of critical mass, where you are so saturated with things to do that you can’t see a way out. It’s as though you’re at the centre of a maze with the hedges a mile high; you know you need to keep moving but you have no idea whether you’re going in deeper or finding you’re way free. However, whilst this analogy resonates deeply with you and where you are in your life, when you go within, you don’t find this to be true as you intuitively know exactly where you are and it’s not in a maze! It’s certainly confusing being you! The busy-ness, pressure and overwhelm all around you is very real, but it’s also mostly not your stuff. So, let it go. Yes, let it go. This isn’t about turning your back on everyone and everything, it’s about honouring yourself more and realising that you are not a one-person superhero. It’s time to take a breath and to start loving yourself more. You’re amazing, believe it…

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