February 20 – March 20

As the free spirit within you continues to wiggle and wriggle, there is a sense you are beginning to acknowledge the need for you to take good care of your own needs. You have spent so much of your life caring for others and supporting others, and the cost of this has been a sense of loss of the freedom that your inner spirit craves. It can be hard to acknowledge this inner restlessness, because in many ways it feels like an inconvenience as it’s interrupting the normal daily flow of things to do, people to see and places to go. It’s a sorry state of affairs that your free spirit can feel like a hindrance, but it’s a reflection of a deep sense of lethargy that’s been so entrenched within your heart and soul. This lethargy is a result of trying to do so much for so many, but more importantly, it’s also a result of you not listening to your inner self and denying your own needs.

Whilst you’re not being deliberately self-sabotaging, there is a sense that it’s somehow easier not to acknowledge your inner needs as this could upset the finely tuned balance in your life. Intuitively you know this needs to change because you know that in order to live life more richly and more freely, you have to acknowledge your heart and soul. It’s a bit like trying to sail a ship across the ocean, not getting anywhere, but failing to acknowledge that the anchor is still sat fast on the ocean floor. You are an intuitive and innovative soul, so rather than feel beleaguered with the pressures you face in life, it’s time to look beyond these in order to reconnect to your free spirit. Your free spirit isn’t there to trip you up, it’s there to support you, to encourage you and to inspire you to thrive…

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