September 23 – October 22

At the core of your being, there is a deep sense of inertia that seems to have grown in shape and form over time. This inertia is slightly nebulous and hard to articulate as it’s more of a whirring in your solar plexus than a clear cut, well-defined ‘thing’. Whilst you’re used to the nebulous, wafty, undefined nature of life, it’s hard sometimes not to feel frustrated when you’re unable to grasp your own depths as you long to stand on firmer ground in order to regain your balance and focus. There are days when you feel as though you’re perched on a log in water, running on the spot, trying not to fall in – your focus is immense, and the concentration is making beads of sweat drip from your forehead. There’s no doubt that you can keep this task going for a considerable length of time, the question you maybe should be asking though is, ‘do you really want to?’.

Yes, you are determined and driven, so your desire to keep pushing until you break through the inertia is understandable. However, there are times, when inertia is a saving grace, it’s a force of patience and biding your time. Sometimes, pushing so hard to move forwards means you miss the point of the present moment and whilst your efforts at log running are admirable, the time seems to have come for you to realise the other choices you have from sitting on the log and floating, carving out a canoe, diving into the depths, swimming to land – the list is endless. In other words, it’s time to shift your focus towards the bigger picture and away from the nebulousness; it’s easy to get lost in nebulousness, but take a deep breath, blink and your focus is back. It’s time to regain your poise and composure as you discover a new way of living and being…

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