But the older we get the shorter that measure then seems to appear – in a year, a decade, a life lived…

Yet what will have been left in our wake when our own time is through? What will we each leave as our mark?

Will life have benefited from our actions and presence? What will have been changed, added to or transformed, because we existed or cared – or were in some way compelled or called to achieve or disrupt? What did we ignore? What did we miss? What could we have done differently or better? And what will others say about us when we’re no longer present; what will they remember about deeds and the type of person we were – about how life for them now will be different?

There is no dress rehearsal. Every day we wake up life is real. We create a whole story with ourselves as the main leading character. All things stem from us. We take things to heart, we get mad or sad because we don’t feel loved or understood quite enough, we feel taken for granted or misjudged and sometimes used; we feel stressed and alone even when life is crowded with people, responsibilities and commitments. Yet given the fact that most things we have, do or undertake were chosen by us in the first place, why aren’t we in our happy ever after? Why doesn’t life work out as it should, as we’d prefer or expect?

Life is a gift. We chose to be here to live, love and explore; to perfect the soul journey we are on. All that we do is encoded within our soul’s blue print, forever visible – yet unseen and unrealised by us – for eons to come.

(I am I) This has always been so. Through many different lifetimes each soul is developed, through choice, belief, thought and free will. The first free thought you had begun the programming of your own life unfolding. Every free choice or action – or sometimes forced response, added more content to the force of that story. Free word and action makes free will a physical thing. You manifest what you think, want or need into actual being. Your own power to create is immense. This is your birth right. (I am I)

No matter who you are – what you believe – your religion – your status – your sex or sexuality – you are powerful, not powerless. You have control of your life still unfolding and overall your present life’s destiny.

Nothing exists that you can’t overcome, explore or express. No one has power over you. No one is more important or has more right to be happier, luckier or better than you. In the eyes of life itself for the purpose of evolution, all people – all souls – are equal.

Never before has there been such an incredible time frame as this. Never before have change and progression been so easy, individually and globally en-mass.


What you experience in your own life day to day is the same thing that’s going on everywhere, perhaps in a different order, presenting in different ways, but the same. Stress is still stress; worry, pain, loss and sadness are the same for each soul, just presented in different manners. How we each overcome these fundamental things is crucial to how we each then move forward.

Nothing is given to hurt, harm or make us break, regardless of how we may deeply believe this, but then that very belief is the key.

We cannot control the force of what happens but we absolutely control how we respond, react or take things on board. We control how we overcome; the next steps we put into action; what we then attract to us and how we move forward from that focal point.

Life is a live living entity in its own right and individually we add our own thoughts, actions, intent, beliefs and life force to it as input. The energy we create through a life time of being here, we add to life, which adds more to its own health and programming.

Think of life as a mirror. What you expect or give out – it must reflect back. What you ask for fundamentally – must appear.

If you believe life is hard or a cruel place to be – it is this that you will receive back. Life thinks that you want hard and cruel – so you’ll see it everywhere… If you believe life will uphold you and help you; if you believe what you need will appear or be easy to achieve; it’s then this that will come bouncing back. If you are worried and stressed more often than not, more reasons to worry and stress will come forward. If you live life in lack – lack of time, lack of money, lack of energy, friends, love and resources, it’s these once again that you will receive – because these are the directives you’ve fed personally yourself into life’s mainframe, much like uploading information to a motherboard…

Every soul is individual and unique. Each one is a powerful creative force and identity in its own right. You are not broken. You are no-bodies victim or fool. You have life running through you. Nothing blocks your path or holds you down. You are free. You have the right to be happy in a life that’s well lived. The whole world is at your disposal.

Yes you have commitments and things you must do – but these you once chose for yourself, even those things that you couldn’t possibly suppose that you would. In the face of adversity we often grow most. Even and especially when we don’t seem to realise…

What are your dreams? What, if you could choose – would you most like to alter or change for the better, without hurting anyone else – from a perspective of peace, truth and love? What is it you need to get happy?

Remember that this is your story. Only you feel the things that you do.

Love from the whole of your heart. ‘Understand’ where before ‘forgiveness’ would have seemed more appropriate. See all people as souls in their own right – not meaning to cause pain or harm – but more stuck in their own story for now.

(I am I) No one is separate; all souls connect; therefore all add to what’s occurring on life’s surface; all add force to the deeper story which is now and what will be as time continues. (I am I)

If you don’t like your life – you have the power to set into place the steps that will turn things around. You are master – not slave – to your destiny.

Until next month,
Be safe, well and happy…
Be all you search outwardly for…