May 21 – June 21

Gazing deeply within seems to be fairly commonplace for you: you are often found sat in deep contemplation, exploring your depths and wondering what makes you, you. Over the years, you have asked so many questions – many of which have yet to be answered – in connection to life, the universe and everything in between. Being such a deep thinker has brought you great reward and it has helped you to make sense of your life (mostly!). Yet, there is also a sense that your inward focus has come at a cost of not living your life or in each and every moment. It’s not that you are in denial of life, far from it, but your tendency to seek answers and reasons as to why things are the way they are, can leave you slightly disconnected from the present moment. It therefore seems clear that the more your soul rises up from deep within you in the process of awakening the more you need to begin to find new ways to live more consciously and with more awareness. This isn’t necessarily about starting your life afresh or shaking off the old, this is more about finding ways to reconnect to the essence and magic of being you.

Yes, you will always have unanswered questions, and there will always be times when you wonder what on earth it’s all about, but there are also many times when this doesn’t matter, for you can bathe in the magic of the moment and feel fully and wholeheartedly alive. Whilst this doesn’t magically fix the many imbalances in the world, this is more about your own inner equilibrium. Spending time watching the waves lap the shore, listening to a bird in song or watching the breeze rustle through the leaves on a tree are just some of the many ways you can restore balance and re-connect to the little bit of magic fizzing and sparking inside of you…

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