May 21 – June 21

The day you were born, the world shifted slightly, and everything changed.

As you continue to come to terms with the deeper side of your nature, you have also been exploring what makes you tick and why you are the way you are. Although these are immensely complicated and multifaceted issues, this has been something of a natural progression for you as self-understanding has always been your key to self-evolution and self-awareness; in short, you like digging! This hasn’t been an easy undertaking though and it seems your emotional being has been put through the ringer, but you’re a complex soul and whilst your complexity has made this task challenging, it has also made you even more determined to keep trying to unravel the intricacies of what makes you, you!

You have experienced some profound lows in your life, as well as some magnificent highs, and both of these can make it hard to travel the middle way as it can seem a bit bland and uninteresting. Yet, the middle way isn’t really the absence of highs and lows, it’s more a blend of the two, and an ability to ride the highs and the lows with conscious awareness; it’s more of an equaliser of moments than a canceller of experiences. You have always been good at turning to face the truth of your nature and you are open to acknowledging the less straightforward aspects of your soul, and whilst this has enabled you to understand yourself more deeply, it has also created many layers of confusion as although you’re keen to see the wood for the trees, sometimes looking too hard at the wood makes the trees, the forest and the planet vanish out of focus. It’s time now to stop trying so hard to unravel yourself in order to be re-born, it’s time now to realise that you’re perfectly imperfect exactly as you are…

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