May 21 – June 21

Life is full of moments, and moments of moments. Most of these moments are pedestrian, run of the mill moments that you don’t even notice, and there are some that stand out for a host of different reasons. Yet, all moments are equal in terms of the journey of your life, as they have all come together to make you the person you are today. This isn’t to say that some moments haven’t shaped and defined you, carving out features on the many different levels of your soul, but the other, pedestrian moments, are no less important as they are the glue that holds everything else together. It’s easy to become defined by those individual moments of pain, glory, power, grief and otherwise that take centre stage in your heart and soul, but these are not the full story of you. It’s wise to remember this now as you are embarking on a journey towards self-discovery throughout May; you are beginning to realise that the bigger picture of your life is where your focus needs to be rather than on the minutiae and intricacies of individual moments.

This isn’t to say that you should ignore the past, but it’s important not to let it define the present as you are far more than the sum of your past experiences. Of course, it’s often difficult to remember this when you are spinning around in a whirlwind of moments, many of which are clashing and colliding together, but when you take a deep breath, the whirlwind settles and you once again regain a sense of perspective. Part of the path of living consciously is to ride with the whirlwind and to realise that it’s not a force to fight, but a force to love. Love yourself and love your many parts; you are imperfectly perfect exactly as you are…

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