May 21 – June 21

April looks set to be a month to focus on the expansion of your consciousness as you continue to explore the concept of ‘breathing space’ in all areas of your life. Quietening down the chatter in your mind is not an easy task as you are one of life’s thinkers, and often spend a great deal of time ‘in your head’, but there are times when the thoughts can become too loud and obtrusive, preventing you from wholeheartedly stepping into each and every moment. Thinking about life is important, but not when it gets in the way of you actually living your life. You may feel that thinking about your life brings you clarity and enables you to decide when to act, and it does both of these things, but unless you are living your life in the moment, then the relevance becomes dilute and diffuse. Thinking can easily become over-thinking, and when you get locked inside your head you can start to push hard to seek out answers to questions that just don’t have answers.

The quest to find the answers can then become a prison wall, holding you in stasis until you find the answers you seek so you can then move on with your life. This isn’t a new subject for you, and it’s one that will no doubt re-surface again and again as it’s in your DNA to think, dig and probe, and whilst there’s nothing wrong with this, sometimes you need to rest in the moment and be at one with the space you find yourself in. Life isn’t always about quests and answers, sometimes it’s more about being, resting and living intuitively; give your mind some tranquillity and be gentle with yourself. Sometimes, clarity can only come from stillness and conscious living can only come from letting go…

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