22 June – 22 July

You have spent a great deal of your time focusing hard on keeping on keeping on, trying to keep the wheels on the great big bus of your life rolling even though you can see nuts, bolts and the odd wheel rolling down the hill around you. It may feel as though everything is falling apart and the carefully constructed life you’ve created is changing shape and form. Whilst your life ischanging shape and form, it’s important to realise that it always does this as that’s a part of being alive. It seems clear you are currently going through a major transformation and you are facing the depths of your soul in ways you never thought possible. Big decisions may need to be made but, more importantly, take some time out for yourself as you are not the only one riding the big bus, so let others step up and take some of the strain. Nuts and bolts fall away all the time, and you are a master mechanic, keeping things tip top, but the cost of this is a lessening of your sense of self-worth, a feeling that you give so much to the rolling wheels, that you’ve lost yourself in the process.

May looks set to be a month where you ask yourself what you truly want in your life. Are you happy? Are you listening to your own needs? This isn’t about ignoring the needs of others, but it is about listening to what you truly and wholeheartedly want. This is your time; an opportunity to redefine the essence of you. This is exciting, and if bits of the bus continue to fall away, then maybe that’s because it’s time to find a new form of transportation? Use your imagination and your phenomenal intuition, and let them lead the way…

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