22 June – 22 July

April looks set to be a month of self-discovery and self-realisation as you begin to see yourself and your life from a brand-new perspective. You have always been world-class at giving yourself a hard time for not doing enough, being enough, seeing enough or achieving enough. As a result, you frequently push yourself hard in order to bend your boundaries. In itself, this isn’t a bad thing as expansion often means evolution, however when you consistently bend yourself out of shape even though you intuitively know you don’t feel comfortable with what you’re doing, then it’s time to ask yourself why. Why do you bend and flex even when you don’t really want to? Why do you give yourself such a hard time for not being enough when intuitively you know that you are already more than enough? Why do you push yourself so hard to be the person you feel you ought to be instead of just being yourself?

Of course, there is no ‘just’ about you as you are a vibrant, compassionate and quirky soul. Whilst you may not like the ‘quirky’ label, you can’t deny that you are unique and a little bit special. Quirky isn’t a bad thing, it’s something to celebrate as it allows you to express your gifts in your own unique way. Quirky may mean you don’t fit into the ‘flock’, but have you ever really wanted to? It’s time to love your quirks and to learn to relax about being you. Life isn’t about trying to be ‘good enough’, it’s realising that you already are good enough. This sets you free and allows you to spend your time living your life in ways that both enrich and inspire. This is your life, so live it your way…

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