August 24 – September 22

The theme of change looks set to take centre stage throughout March as you begin to dive deeply within in order to ascertain what you wholeheartedly want from life. Intuitively you already know that life is about being yourself and living the best life possible, yet it’s often hard to connect to this because of so many things to do, people to see and places to go. However, this partly seems driven by an ingrained belief that you need to be busy all of the time. Standing still or pausing suggests immobility and inertia, and whilst there is clearly logic to this, it overlooks the need for pause in order for the mind and spirit to flourish and thrive. Movement is good, but it’s not always necessary, and it’s time to accept this now in order to rest more consciously in the present moment.

You are a wise and intuitive soul, and as you approach a potent time of breakthrough, it’s time to re-shape and re-define your true goals and priorities in life. This is a time of change and shift for you, but it’s not necessarily a time for lots of movement and action. Change happens on many different levels and whilst you’re keen to grab life with both hands and get the ball rolling when it comes to embracing your goals and dreams, it’s often those times of quiet reflection and stillness where the true wisdom resides. Whilst you are used to constant movement and shift, try to rest more now and know that even in stillness there is always constant shift going on. This is more of a silent revolution than a ‘flags waving, trumpet playing’ celebration, but enjoy the gentleness of this as it affords you plenty of space to breathe…

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