Cosmic Insights for March 2019

 February was certainly a month of shifting landscapes, both within us and around us. It was a month of challenge for a great many of us: a month of confusion, grief, pain and heartache. The ‘collision of moments’ written about in February continues, as we shift from where we were to where we’re heading but remaining straddled betwixt the two. It’s as though we are in-between two chapters of our lives, but the in-between space contains more oomph and emotion than we ever considered possible. Despite the confusion, the light finds a way through and it’s time to set the pain free that’s been lodged deep within our hearts and souls. It’s a potent and intense process, but intuitively we know it’s the only way now.

Many of us have felt lost and alone, as though our in-built compass has gone haywire. Knowing which way is north is often difficult, but when our inner compass is spinning, it’s easy to become adrift and disoriented. Yet, is this a ‘bad’ thing, or is it simply an inevitable part of our evolution? Sometimes we have to reach a critical mass before we can erupt, release and make peace with the bigger picture of our lives. Of course, even though we may intuitively sense the inevitability of this process, it doesn’t make it any easier to experience.

Chaos continues to gleefully run amok within the depths of our souls, and whilst we have moments of pain and confusion, we also touch on joy as well. It’s easy to overlook these fleeting glimpses of joy, but it’s important to acknowledge them in order to give them compassion and the room to flourish and thrive. This isn’t to say that focusing on the joy will eradicate the pain, but it changes the impact of our experiences and helps us shift perspective.

March is a time for coming together, for reaching out to others and to step beyond the boundaries of the walls of our lives in order to breathe more deeply once again. It’s time to reverse the trend of increasing isolation and begin the process of unification. As the treadmills we have created for ourselves start to shatter and fall away, we begin to explore what lies beneath. We realise that routines have, over time, become distractions, and slowly they have grown into our comfort blankets of security. Yet, we know that there’s more to life than keeping on keeping on, and so we long for the freedom we know is our birth right. Of course, life often prevents us from claiming such freedom, but when we intuitively sense its presence in our lives, it’s hard not to want to explore ways of making it happen.

As the darkness within begins to disperse, we are undergoing profound shifts in consciousness. It’s time to embrace our strengths, to spend time resting in the present moment, and to finally allow ourselves the freedom to live the lives we were born to live. Once again, now is the time to accept the amazing, confounding and bewildering beauty of life…

For now, I wish you all kinds of wonderful.

With love,