February 20 – March 20

As you continue to embrace a new way of living and being there is a sense that you are beginning to feel the stirrings of balance rising up from deep within. This balance seems to be stemming from your willingness to look at your life with honesty and acceptance, not in a resigned way, but in an empowered way of seeing life as it is, rather than as you would want it to be. Rose-tinted glasses have their uses, but you have realised just how much they can colour out the truth when life gets too much. When you’re feeling overwhelmed or discombobulated, it’s easy not to notice that you’re even wearing rose-tinted spectacles, so your willingness to remove them to see life exactly as it is, is likely to prove hard-going at times, but ultimately it will set you free and enable you to live more in accordance with your phenomenal intuition.

It’s time to stop pushing yourself so hard, trying to do everything for everyone and trying to get from where you are to where you feel you need to be. Even when you pause, your boundaries will continue to expand and evolve, but it’s important to focus more on where you are now in order to ground yourself more wholeheartedly in the present moment as this will help you to focus more on living the best life possible, rather than on trying to live the life you feel you ought to be living. Let go of the immense pressure you place on your own shoulders and offer yourself some of your own compassion and love; be gentle with yourself. You are a vibrant and loving soul, so give your true essence the room to flow freely and without hindrance. It’s time to let that inner twinkle shine once again…

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