September 23 – October 22

March looks set to be a month for regaining some centre ground when it comes to your hopes, dreams, thoughts and beliefs. You have spent a great deal of time trying to do your best for everyone, trying to maintain those gently balanced apples in the apple cart of your life as you’ve bent and flexed yourself in all directions and at all angles. In short, you’ve tried to be the best ‘you’ that you can be. As a result, you’ve skewed away from your usually well-balanced centre ground, often oscillating back and forth, unable to find stability. Yet, it’s time for you to ask yourself why you try so hard to be everything to everyone? What drives your quest to keep those apples polished and in perfect alignment? Whilst there’s much to be said for presenting the best possible you in the best possible way, this can also be a sign of a resistance towards looking at something in yourself (or in your life) more closely.

The bright, shiny apples can sometimes be a façade, covering over the truth of what lies beneath. It’s something you have gained expertise in over the years, not as a deliberate way to hide or deny things, but a way of coping with the frequently confusing and bewildering world in which you live. Presenting the façade enabled you to roll up your sleeves and get on with the business of living even during those times when you felt broken, lost and alone. You are probably the strongest and most resilient person you know, but you are the last person to recognise this! It’s time to honour your strengths now and to realise that it really is okay to let the façade fall away as you truly are amazing just the way you are…

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