May 21 – June 21

March looks set to highlight the theme of breathing space as you begin to find ways of simplifying and enriching your life. It’s important to accept that breathing space isn’t only about doing less, it’s actually about thinking less. As a world-class over-thinker it’s easy for you to over-ponder life events and to get lodged in procrastination as you have an in-built need to find the answers to the many unanswered questions in your life. Although you intuitively know that many of these questions don’t have answers, you keep pushing, like a moth to a light. It’s as though you simply cannot accept the idea that you can’t know what you think you need to know. At the same time, you feel a sense of indignation that it’s not possible to find answers, as surely everything has an answer somewhere, in some time or place.

Disappointingly for you, regardless of your indignation, if the answers don’t want finding, then they can’t be found! This doesn’t mean ‘giving up’, it means accepting that, in this moment, you don’t know the answer. This isn’t to say you need to spend your whole life chasing answers, although, in many ways, life is one long question chase as that’s how we grow and evolve! However, trying not to complicate this further with philosophical ponderings, there is a sense that you need to pause for a while in order to find new foci away from ‘moth mode’, where you try continually to push to know all you feel you need to know. Let go for a while, stop trying to get ‘it’ right all the time and relax. Sometimes, the answers appear when you stop looking, so maybe it’s time to test the theory…

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