December 22 – January 20

Life has been feeling rather heavy and awkward recently, like trying to wear a soggy and ill-fitting jumper. You’ve had times when you’ve felt like a square peg trying to fit into a round hole, and you’ve also had times when you’ve lost the peg completely and wondered how on earth you fit into the world. You have always been one for existential pondering, but this seems to have reached new heights (and depths) lately as you’ve felt a keen urge to make sense of your life and to find reason as to why things are the way they are. Life is rarely straightforward, and you accept this, but you do like to have at least a general sense of direction, reason and purpose. Without this, you can find it hard to focus on anything other than the business of keeping on keeping on. Whilst there’s nowt wrong with this, it denies you the magic, sparkle, creativity and passion that usually wafts through your soul.

You may be skilled at getting things done and ticking off that ever-growing ‘to do list’ of yours, but the lack of magic can feel rather lacklustre and dull, and this, in turn, can leave you feeling lost and bewildered with this thing called life. It’s important for you to have the room to stretch, wiggle, wriggle and dance if you so choose as your passion needs breathing space, not containment. You are a vibrant and compassionate soul, and whilst you would do anything for anyone, it’s time to see the extent of the disconnection that doing this without much thought for your own needs has created within your heart and soul. In short, it’s time now for you to think about living more wholeheartedly in ways that enrich and nourish you…

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