22 June – 22 July

Life is a collection of moments that collide together in order to form the bigger picture of your life. These moments are experiences and happenings, often well-defined, but frequently they merge into one another making it hard to know where one ends, and another begins. Many of these moments are seemingly random and incongruent, often incomprehensible and nebulous, but together they come together to form the story of your life. You’ve had times when it feels as though lots of moments are crashing in at the same time, making it hard to breathe and stay afloat. Yet, there are other times when you happily dive beneath the waves, opening up your heart and soul towards the unknowable nature of being human. Whilst you accept all of this metaphor and intangibility, there is a part of you that snaps back to ‘well, back in the real world…’.

You often try to see the story of your life in black and white as you can find it hard to see the more nebulous shades of grey, and kaleidoscope of colours, creating a more romantic, metaphor driven image of moments drifting along with the tides, coming together to form your life. Yet, intuitively you know it helps to step back a little from the cold light of day as it brings you some much needed perspective. You are a vibrant and passionate soul, but you’ve often pushed this away in order to roll up your sleeves and get stuck into the business of keeping on keeping on. It’s time now for you to let your intuitive gifts merge back into your life again and to realise that life is unknowable, but wonderful, enriching and energising at the same time. Stop pigeon-holing black and white, and see the colours dance once again…

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