May 21 – June 21

February looks set to be a month of inspired thought and creative vision as you continue to create more breathing space in your life. You’re coming to realise that the life you are living is, in fact, the life you are meant to be living, so instead of seeking out a different reality, you are more accepting of the path you have walked as you can see just how strong and wise the journey has made you. Yes, you’ve faced challenges and you’ve also walked along some dark alleyways and faced some dead-ends, but you have transformed into something far greater. In short, you are more than the sum of your experiences as you have allowed your journey to act as a pathway for your personal evolution. Of course, all of this wisdom hasn’t stopped you from over-thinking and over-analysing everything!

You will always be a deep thinker and philosopher as it’s a part of your DNA, and whilst this has enabled you to explore why things are the way they are, it has also sometimes seen you tied up in knots, unable to move forward until you find ‘the answer’. Yes, you know that you can’t always find the answers to the many questions you have floating around the vast chasms of your consciousness, but this doesn’t stop you trying anyway! Yet, it seems that the more you let go of chasing those answers, the more you will find a greater sense of inner peace, and it’s within this inner peace where the true wisdom resides. In fact, you are far more likely to discover ‘the answer’ when you stop looking for it. This is your time to discover a new pathway to being you, it’s time to love yourself wholeheartedly and to love the life you live…

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