December 22 – January 20

There is a sense that you are beginning to see your path ahead with fresh eyes. As a result, your perspective is shifting and the things that once seemed so important now seem less so as you realise that it’s not the ‘to do’ list that will bring you what you need, instead it’s a willingness to focus on the desire to be contented, joyful and happy that will allow you to live your life in more enriching ways. Sometimes, focusing on the details prevents you from feeling your way forward in life. You’re a deeply intuitive soul, but you often park this for good old-fashioned ‘common sense’. Now, whilst common sense has its place, so does your intuition! You may be a realist at heart, but you are also a visionary and it’s about time you accepted this of yourself. You are a vibrant and courageous soul, and although you know this, it’s easy for you to dismiss it in order to focus on the business of keeping on keeping on.

It’s time to shift the focus away from your ‘to do’ list and towards living the best life possible. This isn’t about shirking your responsibilities or being irresponsible, it’s about honouring yourself and your needs much more. You have spent so long focusing on what you need to do that you have forgotten the passion within you and you’re ready now to set this free in order to explore unchartered terrain in your life. There is a sense that you have reached a crossroads, one where you are finally realising that your long-held dreams are not lost, they have just been gathering dust on the shelf deep within your heart and soul. This is an amazing opportunity for you to pull back the curtains, grab the duster and let your dreams breathe freely once again…

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