August 24 – September 22

January looks set to start the ball rolling when it comes to re-focusing and re-connecting to everything that’s truly important in your life. You spend a great deal of your time trying to be the person you think you ought to be or the person you feel others want you to be, and this has left you in a state of slight bewilderment when it comes to re-affirming who you really are. So, when you are asked: ‘what do you truly want?’, it can be hard for you to know as you’re unsure exactly where you end, and others begin. It’s as though your edges have become blurred and fuzzy, and you can’t quite work out how to reclaim and redefine the essence of you. However, don’t try to overthink this, as this is all about feeling and allowing your intuition to lead the way. Being everything to everyone can be a wonderful thing as it’s a sign of your generosity, but it can also be a sign of not wanting to acknowledge your true essence as acknowledging it wholeheartedly would mean having to make some changes.

Whilst you can manage change better than most, in many ways, you are comfortable where you are at the moment as the status quo is on an even keel and things are ticking along, yet, despite this, you cannot ignore the restlessness within you; the sense that you are not allowing yourself to acknowledge what you truly want.  You want to sparkle, fizz and buzz at the joys of life, and your creativity needs room to grow and expand, so it can be hard to find a way through this, after all, you don’t want to upset the apple cart, but you can’t deny your soul its true needs. Finding a solution may feel out of reach, but close your eyes and take a deep breath, as the solution isn’t about doing, it’s about being. It’s about being you…

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