April 21 – May 20

January looks set to mark the beginning of a new chapter in your life, more of a New Year’s revolution, than a resolution! There is a fire in your belly that’s been glowing more brightly over recent weeks and months, and whilst you’ve been aware of its presence, you haven’t been exactly sure of its purpose. Of course, there has been a sense of restlessness deep within your heart and soul, and this has led you towards some inner contemplation in connection to your true priorities in life. You are finding new ways to re-shape and re-define your approach to life as you think creatively about how to live the best life possible. Yet, it goes even deeper than this as you have also thought about how to truly love the life you live. The dynamism building within you has passion and determination at its core and this is carving out a new pathway for you to walk, one that brings together the many different aspects of you into one, more cohesive whole.

You are a vibrant and compassionate soul, and living the life you were born to live, as well as loving the life you live, look set to take centre stage now. You have hovered back stage for a long time, trying to be a support and a rock to others, and encouraging others to embrace their hearts’ desire, but it’s your turn now as you start to gain a clearer focus as to your true priorities and goals. This isn’t a process to rush, but one to take slowly and steady, after all, this is a pivotal moment for you to re-define the very core of your existence. Even though the energy rising up within you is fiery and passionate, don’t try to run before you can walk, instead try to embrace the heat and become one with it, allowing your phenomenal intuition to lead the way…

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