Cosmic Insights for January 2019

Many of us begin each new year with a whole list of resolutions and goals. We may strive to lose weight, save more money, work harder, work less or a whole host of other things, as we shape and define the course of the year ahead with a ‘to do’ list. Often the items on the list were present on the list the previous year, and the previous year. We rarely stop to ask ourselves why they appear each year or why we haven’t achieved them, we just hope that ‘this will be the year’ when we finally tick the box, believing a ticked box will be the path to happiness and contentment.

Of course, many of us don’t have resolutions as there is a belief that resolutions are meant to be broken! So, instead of creating a list of ‘black and white’ tick boxes of things to do that we believe will make us happy, we focus on cultivating ways of living well and being happy. This takes away the finer detail and allows plenty of wriggle room. For example, instead of losing weight as a goal, we focus on being healthier which may include some weight loss, but also eating well, and taking care of body, mind and soul in the process.

When we impose resolutions, it’s hard not to feel like a failure when we don’t achieve them. This sets up a belief pattern that can take hold and take over as everything starts to feel out of reach. Perhaps focusing on encouraging self-compassion would be a better goal as this focuses on ways of living well that inspire tenderness and gentleness towards ourselves? Surely we place ourselves under enough pressure in life without giving ourselves a hard time for being human? Self-compassion is a powerful theme for the year ahead and it looks set to be one that will re-define every aspect of our lives for years to come…

January also looks set to be a month for contemplating how to achieve a deeper and richer sense of happiness in life. Happiness in its own right is something that’s so often overlooked as it’s often the belief that happiness will emerge as a result of the eradication of unhappiness. Whilst there is truth in this, it’s important that happiness becomes a goal in itself as it needs to be tenderly grown and developed, allowed and welcomed. Happiness needs to be let through the door even with the presence of unhappiness; life isn’t about removing all of the ‘bad stuff’ to reach a place of happiness, but to find it in each and every moment. Of course, this is easier said than done.

Perhaps self-compassion and the quest for happiness should be merged into one over-arching theme for this year, inspiring each and every one of us to seek out a richer and more fulfilling way of living and being. Life’s short, but it matters, and it’s important for us to realise that we matter too…

For now, I wish you all kinds of wonderful.

With love,