February 20 – March 20

As you continue to contemplate your life, your path and your sense of self, it seems you have reached a point of realisation that the vision you once had of your life is quite different to the reality you are living. In many ways, this is inevitable, as you’ve changed and evolved beyond recognition, but there is a part of you that feels bewildered and confuddled as to why things have turned out so differently. You may spend time looking back to try to understand where you deviated from your vision, and whilst this may help you to make sense of your life, there is also a risk that this could confuse you even further, as the answers are unlikely to be obvious. Your life has shifted as a result of a gazillion different changes, decisions and actions, and many may seem insignificant, but when added together they have created the life you are living. It would be easy to see why you may want to understand this more clearly, but this keeps your focus on the past rather than on the present moment, and it’s important for you to focus on the present moment in order to find an anchor point from which to re-balance and re-gain some perspective.

As you stand in the here and now, there is a sense you are not quite sure if you are ready to wholeheartedly embrace another new year and new chapter in your life as there is a level of fatigue deep within that feels world-weary with the weight of the challenges you’ve been carrying. Yet, the tides are turning, and this weight is starting to shift as you begin to reclaim some much needed ‘you time’ and start to let go of trying to carry so much for so many. It’s time for you to acknowledge your own worth, to honour yourself more and to love yourself with carefree abandon. You matter…

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