December 22 – January 20

January looks set to be a month of renewed clarity and vision for you when it comes to re-shaping and re-defining your life from the inside, out. You have spent a long time keeping on keeping on, working hard and doing your best to be the person you’ve felt you ought to be. Your determination has seen you through some tough times, but it has also left little room for your creative, innovative and passionate spark to flourish and grow. Whilst this hasn’t left you, your spark is much diminished these days, and it’s more of a glowing ember than a burning fire. In many ways, this suits you, as it means you can move through life at a gentle pace with your head down, focusing on keeping on keeping on. Yet, your inner fires are strong, and whilst it’s easy to forget this when you are consumed with things to do, people to see and places to go, the flames warm your soul, reminding you of their presence and their need for fuel.

You already know what fuel they need as it’s your creativity and passion that are your lifeforce. So, when you give these more room in your life, your fire burns brighter, and you begin to feel more connected and in balance. Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean your life is then ‘fixed’ and ‘perfect’, however, intuitively you know that keeping on keeping on leaves you feeling flat and without direction. It’s hard to find the best solution as how can you find the room to be creative and innovative when you are so focused on keeping on keeping on? Yet, intuitively you already know the answer as it comes shifting your perspective and realising that there’s always room for your inner fires as they are a part of you. It’s a matter of breathing into them and allowing them to lead the way…

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