22 June – 22 July

As one year ends, another one begins, and there is a sense of passionate determination rising up from deep within you stirring up your beliefs, ideals and dreams. Whilst you may already have some new year’s resolutions, in many ways, you have moved beyond these to focusing on creating a state of being: a way of living your life in a more enriching way. You are beginning to let go of some long-held beliefs which shaped and defined your life for many years as they no longer seem to fit into your way of being. Of course, they have helped to determine the course of your life, so it’s important to honour them as they drift out of view. At the same time, the more you ‘shed’, the lighter you will feel, and it would be only natural to want to fill the space created with something new, however try not to rush into this, as the space is good for you as it will allow you some time to breathe more consciously.

Resting in the space between here and there will give you some much needed perspective and enable you to re-connect to the bigger picture of your life, as well as allowing some space for you to re-centre and re-balance. Space is a good thing for you as it takes you away from the distractions of daily life and into the here and now. Facing each moment consciously is important as it’s your way of assessing your true priorities: let the inessential drift away and rest in the stillness, and the really important stuff will float into view. Space has a habit of reflecting the depths of your soul back to you which can be uncomfortable at times as the truth isn’t always palatable. Yet, it’s your willingness to face this that will enable you to set yourself free from those outdated beliefs. So, take a deep breath and let the space take care of itself…

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