April 21 – May 20

As you continue to re-establish a stronger sense of self, it seems you are beginning to re-connect to the inspiration, creativity and wisdom that resides deep within your heart and soul. You have spent a long time trying to be everything to everyone, and the cost has been a disconnection from your true essence. However, now you have realised this, you are breaking free from this cycle and starting to contemplate living the life you were born to live. Of course, you have always had a sense of what living the life you were born to live actually means to you, but you have often made decisions based on what you don’t want to do, rather than on what you do. In other words, you have always used your inner honing beacon to prevent yourself from going down pathways that intuitively don’t feel right rather than using your formidable intuition to take you off-road and towards your true essence. This is an inherently human trait and it’s one that has, on the whole, served you well in life. Yet, it has taken vast swathes of energy to maintain this over the years, and there have been times when you have felt depleted and overwhelmed as you have tried so hard to keep on keeping on.

Whilst there have been some choices and decisions that you undoubtedly still question, you have also made some amazing choices as well. However, you have now reached a stage where you no longer feel right making life choices based on what you don’t want, you want to switch this towards the positive, and allow all of that inner inspiration, creativity and wisdom to surge up within, illuminating every corner of your life. You are ready to channel your formidable energy towards living the life you were truly born to live…

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