November 23 – December 21

December looks set to see that little twinkle in your eye build into something more cohesive to grasp and comprehend. Your restlessness over recent months has been a sign of change, but it has been hard for you to gain a sense of what that change is, so there has been some uncertainty creating an air of disquiet which has left you feeling unsettled. Whilst there is still a great deal of uncertainty, there has been a surge in your inner strength and you are beginning to feel more centred and balanced than ever before as you lean into the uncertainty and find sustenance from it. It’s as though you are realising the rewards for opening up your heart and soul towards living more consciously in each and every moment, and you are learning how to dive into the disquiet in order to find peace. As you continue to reconnect to your free-spirited essence, there is a sense that your energy is finding new avenues to flourish and thrive.

Of course, with you being you, there are many different batons up in the air, each one representing a different possibility or goal, so it’s important that you don’t use up all of your energy juggling. Whilst you may not be quite ready to let the batons go, there is a sense that it’s time to shift your focus away from possibilities and more towards those pathways and goals that truly warm your spirit. If you can whittle this down to something more manageable, and away from the plethora of goals and projects dancing around your head at any one moment in time, then you are more likely to find ways to let that twinkling eye glow even brighter. Admittedly you are a world-class juggler, but you are also gifted in many other ways as well and it’s time for you to explore these more wholeheartedly now…

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