May 21 – June 21

Happiness is a concept you have frequently pondered and explored. Whilst you know what happiness is, it has sometimes been hard for you to work out exactly how to achieve this in your life. This isn’t because you don’t know what happiness is, nor is it the case that you feel like it’s out of your reach; it seems more likely that you spend so long contemplating the true meaning of happiness that you forget to go and be happy! Of course, life isn’t a bed of roses, there are always challenges to face and hiccups to resolve, yet if your quest to find happiness takes you away from this moment, then it becomes inextricably difficult to allow happiness to take its own shape and form in your life. There is no doubt that you thrive when helping others and creating happiness all around you, but it’s important to know that happiness is also about living well, being well and honouring yourself. Happiness is difficult to quantify as, more than anything else, it’s a feeling: it’s about feeling that warm, fuzzy glow within. It’s also about being truly and genuinely happy.

It’s undoubtedly hard being you as there is a dual side to your nature that means it’s easy for you to shapeshift to appease others. Whilst this gift allows you to connect with many others, there is a risk that you lose sight of yourself in the process. So, when did you last feel the joy dancing within? What makes your heart sing? These are the keys to unlock happiness, enabling you to embrace it, live it and become it. The more you allow your true feelings to surface, and the more you reconnect to your true essence, the more you will realise that happiness isn’t something to go and get, as it’s yours already…

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