December 22 – January 20

As you continue to contemplate what you truly want from your life, there is a sense that you are beginning to let go some of your old belief patterns and ideals when it comes to what you think you oughtto want and instead think about what you really want. Beliefs can bring you understanding, but they can sometimes become so ingrained that you lose sight of their presence, and they silently shape and define the course of your life without you realising it. Over the years, you have done a great deal of work on yourself, and you have let go of a great many belief patterns as a result. This has left you wiser and more centred, but there is also a sense that you have grown weary, as you have faced many hiccups along your path in life. Yet, you have never let go of the desire to work on yourself as you intuitively know that this is the key to living life with more freedom and balance.

December looks set to be a month of asking yourself what truly makes you happy. You are a complex soul, and you often keep your true needs hidden behind the closed curtains of everyday life, but you are beginning to acknowledge them more now and you’ve allowed the curtains to fall open as you have opened up to your vulnerable side. Vulnerability doesn’t mean naïve or gullible, it’s your softer underbelly, that side of you that you rarely expose to the world. Allowing this side of you the room to manoeuvre is a massive step forward as it’s a sign you have stopped trying so hard to be the person you feel everyone else wants you to be and instead are finding the joy in being yourself. This is a time to honour your true essence and to step into unchartered terrain…

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