August 24 – September 22

Happiness is a state of being you have often contemplated. You realised years ago that rather than trying to seek out particular goals to make you happy, a more open quest for happiness was a wiser choice. You have spent many hours thinking about what makes you truly happy and you have worked hard trying to eradicate those aspects and areas of your life that have created unhappiness. Yet, is it the eradication of unhappiness that will bring you happiness or is there a need for you to cultivate a culture of happiness, encouraging it to grow, blossom and flourish? In other words, is working out what works, and what doesn’t, enough? Happiness is an essence, a state of being that is unique to each individual. There is no book, instruction manual or teacher who can make you happy as only you can do that. Of course, they can guide you, but that’s not quite the same. Happiness is about living well, being well and honouring yourself, it’s about living the best life possible and exploring new terrain. Happiness is feeling a sense of joy dancing within your heart and soul. Or, at least, that’s the general perception.

It’s time for you to ask what happiness truly means to you. Are you trying to cultivate a happiness based on the definitions or expectations of others or are you breeding your own form of happiness that allows you to be you? It’s important to realise that happiness is a state of being that fluctuates; it isn’t a constant. Unhappiness is a part of the spectrum as that’s a part of life. As you look back over your life, the landscape has changed immeasurably as you have grown through life’s experiences, so why not use this wisdom to re-shape and re-define what you truly want? Step more consciously into the present moment and allow the essence of happiness to gently lead you by the hand…

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