Cosmic Insights for November 2018

 When we are born, the stories of our lives are, on the whole, unwritten and undefined. Letters dance around, slowly forming words, and then sentences. As we grow and evolve, the sentences grow and merge, forming storylines and beliefs. As children, we have the freedom to tap into the magic and wonder of the imagination where we know no boundaries or limits, but, over time, conditioning slowly erodes this for many, leaving us like sheep, a part of the flock of ‘normal’.

As a child, a cardboard box was a castle; a blanket was a magic carpet. Potential was only limited by the far realms of the imagination. If we’re lucky, this is nurtured in us by family, educators and friends, allowing us to grow and develop, embracing our unique gifts and fulfilling our dreams and goals. Yet, for many, we are slowly shaped and defined by the world in which we live and, very often, the letters stop dancing around as we start walking the treadmill of existence. Of course, all is not lost, but it can become inexplicably hard to extricate ourselves and re-define our way of living and being. Yet, ‘inexplicably hard’ isn’t impossible, and, with determination, it is possible to reconnect to at least some of that childhood magic.

I think we all spend time trying to sharpen and hone the undefined pieces of ourselves. Some pieces get lost due to life events or trauma, and others fade away, losing their significance over time. Yet, we all have many pieces, and, over the years, we may reconnect to some of these in an attempt to rediscover our essence and sense of self.

It’s only when we rediscover the dancing words – which never stopped dancing (we just stopped noticing them) – that we begin to see the possibility and potential once again. In our haste to grow up and live life, we often lose sight of the magic of what life truly has to offer. It can sometimes be hard to see the relevance of the imagination, or the significance of the potential within our hearts and souls, but this is usually because we are trapped in a cycle of keeping on keeping on, trying to live life, but denying ourselves the opportunity to wholeheartedly embrace it at the same time.

We are complex beings living complex lives, and it’s hard to step back at times to see the wood for the trees. It’s often only when we’re tripped up by life events that we pause for long enough to take stock and reassess. Yet, why can’t we all pause, even for a moment, to do this? Just remember, the magic isn’t lost, it’s just hidden behind the curtains of everyday life.

For now, I wish you all kinds of wonderful.

With love,