November 23 – December 21

You have faced some big challenges over recent weeks and months as your patience has been tested to new levels. You have ridden the up’s and down’s with your usual grace, but even you have had moments where you’ve longed for some peace and quiet. As well as the stormy seas, your willingness to follow your dreams has been put under the spotlight: the saying ‘walk your talk’ has never been more apt! It’s as though you are nearing an opportunity to embrace your dreams, so it’s crunch time to make a decision as to whether or not you really want to follow them. This may sound odd, after all they’re your dreams, so wouldn’t you want to embrace them, but living your dreams and dreaming about them are very different things. Embracing your dreams may upset the apple cart of your life and, whilst you are naturally spontaneous and pioneering, there is a part of you that has been happy to tick along with the status quo.

Yet, there has always been something of a fizz, bang and sparkle about you as your creativity and energy have given you a strong sense of your full potential. As a result, you cannot switch off your desire to be the creative, passionate free spirit that you know yourself to be. So, whilst the apple cart may be in perfect position, your free spirit longs to fling it in the air and find new fruits to explore and enjoy. Yes, you are restless, but this isn’t flippancy, it’s a heartfelt desire to live a more enriching life; you want to feel your free spirit dancing with joy as you embrace your gifts and let your uniqueness shine. You have reached a time to decide what you truly want; just know that upending the apple cart isn’t the only path to joy, so use your tenacity and wisdom and let them lead the way…

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