February 20 – March 20

As you continue to contemplate the opportunity to re-write the rulebook of your life, there is a growing sense of apprehension as to exactly where to start. Although you have been waiting for an opportunity for what seems like ages to make some changes, now it’s arrived, you’re really not quite sure if you’re coming, going or lost somewhere in-between! This discombobulation is expected though as you’ve been stuck in a cycle that’s shaped and defined your life for so long. As a result, you have become part of the storyline, so it can be hard to see how to extricate yourself as it’s become engrained in your consciousness. In fact, it’s likely you’re not even aware that you’re in a cycle as it’s become so deeply engrained and a part of your everyday existence. However, intuitively you sense a need to make some changes and the reality of this feels quite daunting. Yet, don’t give yourself a hard time for feeling this way as you are a deeply intuitive soul and it can be hard to see where you end, and others begin, so making changes can feel overwhelming at times.

Whilst you are a master at giving yourself a hard time, perhaps this needs to be your biggest lesson: stop! It may be second nature to berate yourself, but it’s time to shift the focus towards more self-compassion and self-nurturance. Yes, it can be hard to turn your compassionate light inwards as it’s something you rarely do, but compassion has to start within. Showing yourself loving kindness is the next step on your journey, and this is your focus throughout November as you allow love and tenderness to radiate throughout your being. Remember that self-compassion isn’t being selfish, it’s simply a sign of your willingness to honour and respect yourself from the inside, out. It’s time for your inner light to shine brightly once again…

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