September 23 – October 22

Your imagination is a powerful force as it inspires and encourages you to step beyond the confines of your everyday life and to think outside of the box. Your imagination feeds your dreams and allows you to channel your innovation and resourcefulness in different directions, exploring new pathways in the process. Your imagination is the force that injects courage into your heart and soul as it empowers you to boldly go where you have never been before. It instils a deep sense of passion, as well as a far-reaching compassion for life. Yet, it can be hard sometimes to give your imagination the space and freedom to wriggle, stretch and manoeuvre as life often gets in the way. You often find yourself too busy, too stressed or too distracted to give your imagination the time of day, let alone the freedom to evolve and flourish. There are moments when you feel like your imagination is more of an indulgence than a part of the fabric of your being, yet the more you ignore it, the more discombobulated you become.

Whilst it may sometimes feel inconsiderate of your imagination to want to light up your soul, inspiring you to live the best life possible, it really does only have your interests at heart! The challenge for you comes in learning how to give your imagination the freedom it needs whilst still navigating the everyday shape and structure of your life. Are the two really incompatible or does it just feel that way? Does your heart and soul long for more than you could realistically achieve? Isn’t that the point though, to encourage you to push boundaries?  It is better to resist the power of your imagination or to make friends with it, learning how to work with it? In the spectrum of universal time, life’s short, so stop the inner battle of wills and embrace your true essence…

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