December 22 – January 20

‘Find out who you are and do it on purpose’. Whilst Dolly Parton may not spring to mind when it comes to offering words of insight and wisdom, her words seem particularly apt for you this November. Admittedly you don’t like such mantras, but there is a need for you to take these words on board as there’s a sense that you need to reclaim your sense of self. It’s as though you have become a little lost amongst the cracks in the pavement of everyday life and you have disconnected from your passion, determination and focus. Although you are strong-minded and wise, and your intuition is second to none, it seems you have drifted away from your true essence in an attempt to be the person you think you should be. It’s a natural tendency of course, as everyone wants to feel like a piece of the puzzle, but you have been trying to squeeze your unique-shaped self into a more generic gap in the puzzle and, in truth, it’s not been a great fit. Of course, you know this, but you’ve tried all the same as you want to belong. It’s not that you’re particularly unhappy, but this sense of feeling lost is niggling you and it’s hard to shake off.

So, Dolly’s words of wisdom are apt, as finding out who you are isimportant as it’s your way to reconnect to your heart and soul. You haven’t forgotten who you are, you have simply put it away whilst you try to contort yourself out of shape to fit into the jigsaw puzzle. Yet, who’s puzzle is it? Is there only one? Are you really sure there isn’t room for your uniquely shaped piece to fit? In essence, this is a time for you to realign your heart and soul with all that you truly are, only then can you ‘do it on purpose’…

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