Cosmic Insights for September 2018

 It’s hard to believe we are now almost three quarters of our way through 2018, I’m not sure if it’s just me, but Christmas only felt like last week! Although it’s been an intense year, I’m not convinced that it’s just down to the twists and turns, as it feels as though something much deeper is going on connected to a more nebulous – and hard to define – shift in perspective. Undoubtedly many of us have grown world-weary over the last year as we’ve seen so much negativity all around, and it’s started to creep within like ivy insidiously creeping over a building. For the more sensitive amongst us, this somewhat tenuous negativity has reached deeply into our hearts and souls, and it’s forcing a major re-think as to how we live our lives.

It feels as though we are nearing a crossroads: a point of shift where we move towards a position of clarity and make some important decisions as to how we react and respond to the changing currents. In some ways, this is connected to a need to move more freely with the currents in order to become one with them rather than trying to master them, but it goes deeper than this as there is a need for each of us to find our own point of inner balance: that space where we feel in sync with our heart and soul. It’s hard to articulate as it’s a state of being rather than something to do, go or get, but when we close our eyes and take a deep breath, we can begin to gain a sense of this balance as our breathing settles and we move more into the present moment.

This point of inner balance is akin to achieving that seemingly elusive sense of inner peace, but it’s not elusive as it’s our natural state of being. It’s just that life has a habit of steering us off course as we bend and flex with the winds of change.

Although we may feel that, as individuals, we can do very little to change the tide of negativity, it’s important to realise that it’s only by creating balance within that we can each begin to create a new wave of something far more life-affirming and positive. Whilst the pendulum of life will inevitably continue to swing towards both positivity and negativity, challenge and peace, it’s important to realise that whilst individually we cannot control this, we can control our response to it, and the more we reside in inner balance, the less we will be tossed around like a canoe in stormy seas.

Of course, inner balance isn’t just about saying ‘om’ a lot, it’s a way of being and a way of living that exudes into every corner of existence. It’s an intention to live with open hearts and open minds, to move beyond tolerance to loving kindness and acceptance. Whilst there is much angst and pain in the world, we cannot overcome this with retaliation and more pain, we need to find a new way now and one that will re-shape and re-define our very existence.

Life is a confusing mass of conundrums and challenges, and yet, in our hearts and souls we are vibrant, passionate and incredibly wisebeings, and it’s time to honour this now in order to embrace a new day.

For now, I wish you all kinds of wonderful.

With love,