November 23 – December 21

Who’d be a unicorn? Sounds like a reasonable question, after all they are magical and elusive, majestic and powerful, yet are they the figment of the imagination or do they exist? If they do exist, then who would want to be so elusive that the line between existence and fantasy is so thin, it’s hard to know what’s real and what isn’t? Of course, if one could be a unicorn, then life might look a whole lot different. Okay, so these words may seem rather strange, and you may, quite rightly, be wondering what on earth unicorns have got to do with anything. Well, in many ways, nothing at all, but in other ways, absolutely everything! Unicorns are the stuff of legends, their power and grace, beauty and magic travel through time and space. Yet, no one actually knows if they exist. You, on the other hand, also with power, grace, beauty and a sprinkling of magic, do exist, yet you spend so much time thinking you’d rather be someone, or something else! So, now do you get the unicorn question?!

September looks set to be a month for you to dig down right to the core of your being in order to gain a stronger and truer sense of who you really are. Although you know you are talented, wise and gifted, you often step back from this, preferring not to ‘own’ it. Why? Do you feel these gifts will hold you down and tether you? Does the idea of being brilliant worry your more bashful side? As a result of keeping your distance from your gifts, you are also keeping yourself away from living the life you were born to live. So, stop trying to be a unicorn or whatever else it is you’re trying to be, and be yourself. Let the magic begin…

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