May 21 – June 21

As you continue to shape and define your boundaries and sense of self, there is a growing sense of a more resolved, resilient and inspired version of you emerging. You have spent a great deal of time pondering over why you are the way you are and ruminating as to the true meaning of life. You have dug deep to try to make sense of your life, and, as your ‘butterfly time’ of transformation continues, you are stepping beyond the darkness and warmth of the cocoon of procrastination to the sunshine beyond. It may be early days for you to feel confident enough to spread your wings and fly, but intuitively you know you are moving in the right direction. Yet, do you yet have a sense of the magnificence of your ability to fly, metaphorically speaking? Have you realised the striking colours and vibrancy of your wings?

There is a sense that you have become so focused on the process of transformation that you have forgotten to notice just how much you dazzle and twinkle! Okay, you may not be one to show off, but it’s important you notice the new you emerging as there is a sense that whilst usually where one foot leads, the other follows, at the moment you seem to have mastered the art of trying to get your feet to walk in opposite directions. In essence, you seem out of sync with your sync and you need to try to get yourself realigned once again. It’s rather hard to explain this in any great detail, but intuitively you’ll get the gist if you close your eyes and take a big deep breath. These are exciting times and the more you can become one with your own footsteps, the more you will realise that your ‘butterfly time’ is the start of something tantalising and fantastic…

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