22 June – 22 July

As your inner exuberance for life continues to bubble up to the surface, there is a part of you reading these words that scoffs at the very idea of inner exuberance! It’s as though the fizzle and sparkle has slowly been drained out of you through your determination to keep on keeping on. As a result of your dogged determinedness to push on, there has been little room to entertain the idea of even having any inner-anything anymore. Life has felt quite heavy and pedestrian, and you have lost sight of your courageous, inspirational and pioneering spirit. Yet, however much you try to ‘bah humbug’ away the notion of exuberance, you can’t help but feel it fizzing and popping inside. It’s been squashed inside for so long, it just wants to come out and play!

Admittedly your life is full of things to do, people to see, places to go and more things to do, but there is always room for your exuberant nature as this is the force that inspires you to push boundaries and to explore new terrain in your life. You are a passionate and vibrant soul, and it’s a shame to hide this away for the sake of keeping your head down and pushing on with life. You may get lots done, but it’s a though a cardboard cut-out of you is going through the motions rather than the real you. Maybe it’s time now for you to create a new mantra in your life, one that opens up the doorway to your inner exuberance, inspiring you to dust off your dreams and to contemplate what you truly want from your life. You may feel you don’t have the time nor the inclination to think about this, but if you don’t, who will? In short, September looks set for letting your exuberance fizz, bubble and dance…

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