22 June – 22 July

There is no one else quite like you. You are a unique being, with a unique perspective and distinctive way of looking at the world. You have always been a little different to your peers, and whilst you have spent long periods over the years trying to fit in and blend, over time, you have realised the value in being you. It’s only human to want to be a part of the flock, but you have never been one for wearing wool or going baa. In many ways, you thrive on the differences, as this gives you a sense of value and meaning, and it inspires you to let your true essence flow more freely in life. It’s not that you deliberately try to be different, but you feel no need to hide or deny it. Yet (and yes, there has to be a yet!), life isn’t all pizazz and extraordinary, there is a great deal of mundane, pedestrian distraction that fills up your life as well. Of course, you know this, but it can be hard to find contentment in the humdrum when your consciousness reaches far wider.

There is a risk that you can sometimes drift away from the here and now as you get lost in the mundane and lose sight of the magic and sparkle. It’s unquestionably hard trying to thrive as a vibrant soul when you’re faced with the washing up, the ironing and cleaning the toilet. Yes, life can be mundane at times, but your inner sparkle never fades, it just gets covered up with stuff and clutter. August looks set to be a month where your pizazz and sparkle re-surface, inspiring you to let your true nature flow more freely, and with love, as you contemplate your path ahead…

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