My beloved Steve passed away on 29th September 2013. We had been blessed with only three years together but they were the happiest times we shared. I have never been so much in
love – and still am. We had that “Soul Love”, which I am told is rare; it’s where you heart physically aches when you are apart, when you can’t wait to be home after work, where you say and think the same things; where there are not enough hours in the day to have together. Losing him felt like my world had come to an end. However, I have been taken down a path that I have never contemplated before . I want to share with you my experience of walking down the path with the Angels when I discovered Divine Intervention.

Having gone through the depths of despair, from the black hole that could easily have taken my life, to coping with continued heartache I can honestly say that loss DOES get easier to accept. I believe that you never ‘get over it’ but you do learn, very slowly how to get through the days, weeks, months and years that follow such a deep loss.

Unlike my late mother, I have never been a religious person.
She turned to a Faith Healer and sought comfort in her Bible before she passed – bless her. I can now appreciate why. A close friend told me about a Medium and Healer she knew. I had been to a couple of readers in the past but they were more of a ‘life prediction’ than a source of comfort but I felt compelled to see her this lady and in November 2013, just 8 weeks after I had lost my beloved, my life changed significantly.

divine comfort2

I have always believed in life beyond death, but was never sure to what extent or how it happened and I was totally unprepared for the power my guardian angels were capable of.

After Steve’s passing, I regularly felt his presence; deep ‘dents’ on my bed, coldness on my face and pillow, tickling in my hair, doorbells chiming without being connected ,the TV changing channel, the lights dimming, strange knocking noises, my phone text tone ringing but no message. Although new to me, these surreal experiences never frightened me – I knew somehow, that it was my Guardian Angel(s) and that my beloved was with me.

At the early stages of bereavement, you cling on to any comfort you can find and whilst your mind is playing havoc and your emotions are so mixed with despair, anger, loss, dread and fear you don’t realise just how much you are simply ‘going through the motions’. Your Angels feel your pain, they hear your words, they know your thoughts and I am so blessed in experiencing their wonder.

My close family have been so appreciative of my new found salvation and none of them have mocked my chosen path. My meetings with Sally Wolf Dreamer have been the most powerful source of healing – I urge anyone reading this article to try it if they are unsure and suffering a terrible loss – it really will help you cope.

At each session I am able to connect with my Steve; he is aware of what I have been doing, aware of the depth of my continued love and devotion to him. He has given me examples that validate his eternal presence with me and provided the comfort of knowing that he will greet me at Heaven’s door when the time comes. I have kept a journal of all the events that have happened on each meeting which have given me the strength to carry on.

And so to close: over the last three years I have learned that your close Family NEED you, suicide is not an option to grief. I am a Mother, Grandmother, Aunty, Niece, Daughter and Friend to people who love me dearly. Rather than ‘goodbye forever’; death is more ‘until we meet again’. Your loved ones make their presence felt and that Celestial guidance and protection are real.

I sincerely hope that others are fortunate enough to experience this for themselves.

J.A. Charles