“Please, have some of my love.”

“Oh, thank you, I will. It looks good. How much would you like for it?”

“Well, it is some of my best. Quite valuable.”

“Sure, no doubt about that. Mind you, the love I gave you last year was…”

“Come on, you can’t seriously compare that? My love is much deeper. It’s the best you could get, in the circumstances.”


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I agree that it’s fine love. I’m just saying that what I gave you was exactly what you needed at the time, so that makes it special. You know, supply and demand. When love is rare…”

“You call that rare? It wasn’t even fresh. You’d been hanging on to it for ages. In fact you said it was left over from…”

“That doesn’t make any difference. You needed love and I had some. I remember you were pretty grateful at the time.”

“We’re talking quality here. Some love is just better than others. Now, mine’s nearly top of the range.”

“So what you’re offering me isn’t actually your best, then?”

“Be reasonable. I have to hold something back, just in case… well, I might meet someone else who needs the real thing one day.”

“You don’t think I need that?”

Well you don’t seem to appreciate what you’re offered.”

“Yes, I do appreciate it, and I could do with some love right now. But I wonder if I shouldn’t look around for a while longer…”

“So do you want my love or not, then?”

“How about I just try part of it for now?”

“Don’t be silly. I can’t do that – what if someone comes along and wants all my love, then I wouldn’t have enough.”

“Fair point. I’ll let it go for now.”

“Suit yourself. But don’t come running to me if you change your mind because I may not still have love to give.”

“I suggest you just hang on to it for a while. You never know…”


Nigel Peace © 2015   [340 words]     www.spiritrevelations.com

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