When eternity is seen in a grain of sand

And life abundant within a blade of grass,

Then the orchard of existence will reveal its fruit….

  The blossoming forth of the super-consciousness

Encapsulating the whole.


Mortal man ploughs the field and furrows

A spark of light and two men may now be seen…

What err be this second man,

It be not as has been known

It comes and goes,

One moment we are uplifted into a vision,

The next still we plough the field.

There is no tangible reality,

The mirror reflects still one man.

Look beyond the man,

Beyond the mirror

There lies the second man

Deep within the first.

The second man lies above and within,

It tells us a different tale,

A story unlike we have ever heard before.

The first man who ploughs heeds not,

He is concerned with the field

And goes not beyond what is seen,

Cycle upon cycle the second whispers to the first,

Alas no sound is heard,

The sounds of earth dominate the ear.

Winter comes barren and empty,

Now from toil the first man seeks the warmth,

His embers once glowing have become cold,

No fire now prevails his life,

The field ice cold, where can he go?

Above into the sky

Into the portal through which

His imagination can sense himself,

His second self calls down through the mists of time,

Faint the calls that touch the mind

Subtle sounds of life more free.

An autumn leaf set free

Glides down caressed by the air

Moving rhythmically to the earth,

Fallen from the sky

To rest upon the dew soaked ground.

Too soon to talk of life more free,

A door stands not ajar,

For unseen eyes see not through the frosted glass.

A light from the distance,

Faint seen, approaches from afar,

The second man a pathway made comes unto the first,

They stand face to face with eyes of fire.

The first weary and weathered through time

Stands proud upon the plough,

Eons spent through toil and strife.

The second looks upon the first

With sadness as tears drop down

Upon the dew soaked ground.

Shimmering light descends.

A voice calls out

“Toil no more upon the earth”,

From whence this came the first knows not

His strength begins to wain,

His grip once strong upon the plough, muscles tense and strained,

Lets go,

The fight has gone.

A moment as the second man shines his light.

The first gives way its little world

The field no more is seen,

No plough, no toil, no need to fight,

Communion upon the earth

All that can now be seen

Is one man that is two.

The soul the leaf the second man,

The first upon the earth,

Where now the third?

The third man has come from out of the sun,

From the stella realms wherein he dwelt,

The call from earth has brought him here

To abide within this solar sphere.

From out of the rest and the praylaya

Great avatars have made their descent,

The third man is the divine seed of life

From which we have come,

The second knows the third as it is its son.

The tree the soul, the earth the man

The leaf the third within the heart,

The first and the second are as one

The third lies within the all,

All as one beneath the sky

Where err can the third man be?

Within the heart within the soul

He comes and goes

In your dreams

He is your truth

He can be your life

And then your life will change.

In silence his voice can be heard

Across the mists of time.

Seek him out

As he waits upon his throne

And in a moment brief and unexpected

You will know the third and see

Eternity in a grain of sand and life abundant within a blade of grass.

By Andrew Carter