Your emotions and your feet may not seem an obvious pairing but Universal Reflexology takes traditional methods of the holistic foot massage deep into the realms of emotional and spiritual healing. 

This divinely inspired form of reflexology is gentle, loving and deeply transformative and the feet are seen as a map of our emotional and spiritual well-being.  Just as the eyes, kidneys and every part of the physical body has a reflex point on the feet, so do our thoughts, feelings, personality traits and inner emotional issues.

Before we move on to the emotional map of the feet, we have to realize and accept that our own emotions and mindsets have an effect on our physical body.  Any dis-ease or physical symptom can be seen as a message for us, about us, from our soul self.  How often do the emotions of fear, guilt, anger, resentment, regret and heartbreak permeate into our life until they become so normal that we don’t even notice their presence.  Holding on to hurtful memories, re-playing the traumas of the past, living in fear of the future, harbouring hatred or guilt;  they all have a detrimental effect on us and can eventually become manifest at a physical level.  As long as we keep giving these emotions and negative thoughts the power of our attention, our body and soul will continue to ‘protest’ by growing a reflective symptom.

The great news is that we can help ourselves hugely by simply letting go of all this negativity.  But as many of us know, this is often easier said than done!  Sometimes it takes a catalyst such as Universal Reflexology, to help shift the ‘yuk’ that is clogging up our energy flow, unbalancing our hormones, creating confusion in our minds and basically just holding us back from great physical health and inner happiness.

When someone reveals their soles, I honour it as a gesture of trust and willingness to move forward in life. The soles of their feet become the gateway to their soul and they are opening up to a healing journey that will not only offer improved physical health, but bring a better understanding of themselves emotionally and spiritually.

In Universal Reflexology we work both feet simultaneously as we address each of the body’s systems in turn and there are three basic touches.  Firstly, there is the very light tap or touch, where you can connect to the energy of the area or reflex you are working on.  This is followed by the stronger milking of the thumbs which encourages any appropriate healing release and then we follow this up with very gentle finger stroking to calm and reassure the reflex as it goes through its healing shift.  This can also be seen as linking into the mental, physical and spiritual aspect of each reflex and area.  We also bring in colour visualizations which correspond to the chakras that govern the areas of the body and feet and we use each of the fingers and thumbs for their different energy attributes.


So let’s now look at how Universal Reflexology works, using the example of the toe pads.  In traditional reflexology, they hold the reflexes for the head, brain and sinuses.  Massaging the toe pads will create a healing reaction (if needed) in that area of the body.  Now, in Universal Reflexology, the toes pads also reflect our thoughts, ideas, mindset, beliefs and our spiritual connection with the Divine.  They reflect the crown chakra and vibrate to the colour violet.  The shape of the toe pads, the condition and colour of the skin, any markings, lines or wrinkles and the temperature, all have a significant meaning as to the state of well-being.  For example:  toe pads that are square in shape and appear squashed together, can indicate that the individual is trying to ‘fit in’ and conform their thoughts and beliefs into what is deemed acceptable by society.  If there is any red, there is frustration at perhaps feeling ‘intellectually limited or boxed in’.   This could perhaps be the emotion that lies behind their frequent headaches.  If there is congestion in the toe pads then it could also indicate that the crown chakra may be blocked, which means a reduced flow of spiritual life force into this area of their body.  This is not an exact science though and each individual will have their own story behind the condition of their feet and health.

Now we take this a step further.  The right foot reflects the past and the left foot reflects the present, so we look at how different the toe pads are on each foot and see where any extra attention is needed.  And then we take it even deeper.  Each toe also reflects a chakra and its spiritual purpose.  So for example, the little toes reflect the base chakra, our grounding, inner security, material life, family and society which means that the state and condition of the little toe pad is therefore a reflection of our thoughts and beliefs regarding that area of our life, in the past and present.   As we work across each toe pad we are helping to clear the mind, we are encouraging clarity, peace of mind, improved focus and concentration and in so doing we are helping the central nervous system to come into balance.  A calm mind means that the brain’s messages (that are carried through electrical impulses along the nerves) are going to be spreading clear, concise instructions that encourage harmonious functioning throughout the whole body.

As for the rest of the foot;  the toe necks reflect our neck, throat, self-expression and throat chakra:  the balls of the feet reflect our chest area, emotions, feelings, self esteem and heart chakra; the upper insteps reflect our actions, reactions and plexus chakra; the lower insteps reflect our communication, relationships and sacral chakra; the heels reflect our security, family, society, grounding and base chakra; the bony inner edges of the feet reflect our spine, inner confidence and perceived support in life;  the outer edges of the feet reflect our self imposed boundaries; the soles of the feet reflect what we are putting out to the world and the tops of the feet reflect our back and what we have put behind us.  Basic foot reading combined with the healing touch of Universal Reflexology offers huge insight into the well being of an individual and a wonderful means to help them heal on all levels.

While it may seem initially rather complicated, Universal Reflexology is actually very simple.  You work the feet, but you look beyond the physical and into the emotional (foot reading) and spiritual (energy & chakras) meaning and condition of each reflex and area on the feet.  The most important thing is to be working from the heart and with your intuition.  Healing is all about love, and it is this awesome and beautiful energy that makes Universal Reflexology such a profound and transformational experience for both the recipient and giver.  As the feet reveal their messages and the past is released, we discover more about ourselves and we are free and empowered to embrace our true spiritual essence.  The more we embody our own soul energy of love, peace and harmony, the more we can subtly inspire the shift towards healing and positive change around us here on earth.

This profound healing is open to everyone to learn and experience and there are no boundaries or limits to the possibilities that Universal Reflexology offers.   Your inner healing really does start from the feet up.

Sally Teixeira