How many circumstances of trust in your life can you think of?

In fact, every area of our lives involves trust in some way. Can we trust the government? The dustman to call on a certain day? That the soap-powder will clean our clothes? That the seed will grow? Can we trust the messages from our angels and guides? Can we trust ourselves?

Who what situation do we trust? I feel it is in this time of the NOW, that we NOW need to sit down and really reflect on all aspects of trust in our lives.

It is trusting fully our own intuition that will eventually tell us who or what we can trust.

It is when we begin to trust our truth, that things begin to slip into place. It is when we begin to trust our honesty to ourselves, the jigsaw makes a picture. The responsibility of trust lies within us.

I have moved house many times and each time I have had to trust that it is right. Trust that my intuition is directing me correctly. Did it? Well I haven’t scored 100% but then it wouldn’t be a lesson if I did. I have learned greatly about honesty and truth which always brings to the surface who/what we can trust.

When I lived in Cornwall I saw this sign on a church. It said ‘Trust God, he’s the only one you can.’  Even source tests us that we in the end have to trust ourselves. If Source told us to jump off a cliff, would we?

It is untangling and meditating on people/situations/guidance to seek that trust deep within ourselves which never lets us down, which is constant, which says ‘Yes she is ok and will deliver what you need’. ‘Yes that business can provide exactly what you need’.

I feel we still have to test the water before plunging in. So a word to the person to see what words return, test the product, the delivery etc. Then we know for sure we can trust and feel deep within in us it is right for us.

I have had to trust many people in my house moves, partner, removal firms, landlords, neighbours, towns, animal boarding. On reflection, I can see clearly where in all those moves and who in all those moves I can trust.

When we arrive in a town/place/country that gives us exactly what we need to source, like minded people. Where we can trust the people, where what we need is delivered in the broadest sense, then that is the building block of a community. Being where we we cannot access what we need, cannot source things that are vital for our life path, then that tells us it is the wrong place to be. We cannot trust it to bring us the shopping basket for our life, which feeds our spirit.

So see if you can find a moment today to sit and put the word ‘trust’ into every area of your life and see what you come up with. It may surprise you and from my experiences it will greatly aid your journey in this life and begin to build the blocks for the communities of the future.

Trust me!

Juliana Glanfield