The matchstick is a piece of wood with a red tip. When the matchstick is struck on a matchbox it creates a flame. The flame gives off heat and light. This potential has always been there, but only comes out when it is struck or is exposed to another flame. In a darkened room a lit match can help you to see more clearly.

A person who is full or worries and anxieties is like a dark room. Unless they put some light into themselves, they tend to drift from one worry to another. Sometimes the person is struck by something big, such as an illness, or they finish with their partners or they lose their job. Then they might be directed (led by higher energies) to some book, art or person which helps brings some love and heat (love) back into their lives.

Although everyone has the potential to think about light, and to put light and heat into their system and to become happier and more creative. It normally takes some big event for them to work towards their inner light.

A person with little or no light is like a matchstick before it has been lit. When the matchstick is lit, it releases flame and light-raising the matchstick to another level. When the lighted match lights up a dark room, you could see many colourful and beautiful things in that room which were previously hidden.

When a person cultivates and develops their own inner light and love (warmth), they too can see the more beautiful things in themselves and life too. The stronger the light, the more we see, and the more we  are open.

Universal energy has no limits, so we can keep opening up to it more and more, and its infinite possibilities can keep expressing themselves through us, in all that we do, and on every level of our being.

Every time I strike a match to light the oven, I am amazed at this flame that comes from the match. It is an ‘ordinary’ thing to do, yet it has given me this insight. There are many interesting things to see in the ‘ordinary’ things we do. Eventually we realize that every moment is special.

The Universe is talking to us all the time, but we need our calmness and inner light to ‘see’ and understand what it is saying. The more quality we put into our lives, the more meaningful it becomes.

Let your ‘inner light’ shine brighter with every experience.

Sensei Wasyl Kalesnikov