The pain I’m feeling is unbearable, my boy ‘Fingles’ has gone and I have no idea where he is. I’m helpless, wondering if he’s been stolen, if he’s trapped somewhere, if he’s hurt or even worse, he’s died. It’s the not knowing that’s so painful. I sit and wait for him but nothing, dinner time passes, then bed time but I can’t sleep, all I can do is sit and wonder where on Earth my baby is. I sit at my desk trying to concentrate on the tasks ahead of me.  I see something in the corner of my eye, my heart leaps into my throat – he’s home!  No, its a little bird come to eat the biscuits that I left out for Fingles last night.

We’ve been down this path before – he’d gone for a few hours, returning after dark as if nothing has happened and not a mark on him. He looked so bright eyed and bushy tailed, he’d obviously seen some exciting new sights and smelt some new smells.  He probably had no idea of the time that passed and the aching I felt in my heart.

This time’s different, this time he’s been out for 2 days and one night. Two sleepless nights and one agonising, zombie like day. I put up a sign on the village notice board, I ask the postman and the neighbours to keep a look out for my boy. They don’t seem to see the pain that’s going on behind my eyes. They don’t know about the little names we make up for him, they don’t know how he shakes his tail when his biscuits come out of the packet, they don’t know that his favourite toys are a piece of string and a catnip mouse… they think he’s just a cat, but he’s not! He’s our baby and he’s gone.

animal 2

I am an Animal Communicator and the one thing people always tell me is, “it’s the not knowing that hurts the most”. I thought I understood them but I didn’t, not until now. I could cope if I was told he’d been found dead. That sounds awful but I know from first-hand experience.  His brother was killed by a car just over a year ago. The pain was awful then, but this is a whole new pain of uncertainty and worry.

So, if I am a practicing Animal Communicator, why can’t I communicate with him?  Why can’t I track him down like I have other people’s pets that have gone missing?  It is because doubt slips in! Doubt never plays a part with other people’s pets. It’s not because I don’t care, I do.  That is why I’ve chosen a career as an Animal Communicator.  I believe it is because all of the information I am receiving from their pet is 100% accurate, I have no cause to doubt that.  I give my space to their pets and I interpret their pet’s feelings to them, to me it’s completely natural.

I believe in the Law of Attraction and I believe this is how things are meant to be played out. However hard that may be to accept.  I believe that if you are to council someone through such a bad time, you need to be able to relate to them and feel what they’re feeling. I have had to have my pets euthanized in the past.  I have had a cat killed by a car.  Now I am experiencing the unique and unimaginable pain of a beloved pet going missing. How can I sit there and tell someone to calm down and try to be positive, if I’ve not experienced the pain myself.

The one thing that does make this slightly bearable, is knowing that there is life after death. If my beloved Fingles is not to return and has in fact passed over, it does not mean it’s the end.  Once the crying and the fears are out in the open and have subsided, I am able to centre myself once again and find an inner peace that will bring him home, if he is meant to return.

Not many Animal Communicators work with missing pets and this is understandable. I was not going to, but kept getting drawn back to the subject. When Fingles went the first couple of times, I realised it was happening so I could be the best I could for other people in this situation. But I hadn’t truly felt the pain, the fears hadn’t had time to settle before he came home.  Whereas this time, they have. Now I am in a place where I truly realise and believe that, just as I create my life he needs to create his. He is wherever he needs to be right now. It may not seem fair or right to me but it is right for him.


There is no use in going out to look for your pet when you are in a state of despair. Fear is driving you and therefore you will never get the results you truly want. When you are calm and positive you are coming from a state of Love and that’s where you should be driven from. I am not saying you should not go through the motions and do what feels instinctively right to you.  I am just saying that if your mind is clear, you are open for communication. If your mind is full of worry, doubt and terrifying thoughts, you are blocked of any communication that may be trying to get through.

I tried everything to try and achieve a calm positive state but nothing worked. Then on the second night of him being gone I used a technique I’d been taught at a Holistic Fair to balance myself with things I wanted in my life, things I wanted to manifest. Well I’ve never wanted to manifest anything in my life as much as I wanted to manifest my beloved Fingles returning home. So before bed I worked with the technique a couple of times and balanced myself with the knowing that Fingles would return THAT night. I went to bed feeling calm and dropped off to sleep easily.

I was woken at 12:20pm by my partner Ben saying Fingles had returned. How I thought, how could he get in? Ben had left our back door open for him and there he was. Sat at the end of the bed like a present left from Father Christmas, looking up at me with those loving eyes. He didn’t seem to know what all the fuss was about and was dry and unmarked as the last two times. I thanked the Universe for bringing Fingles home safely but I knew that he came home because I balanced myself with the thought of this happening.

I truly feel that I now have all the skills and tools to help others going through this terrible pain. As an Animal Communicator I am able to connect with their pet (alive or in Spirit) and find out key information about where they have been or where they are. It’s not 100% accurate as I am interpreting the information I receive but it can be key in locating a missing animal. Animal Communication is a great tool but now I have another tool to help the pet’s owner. Helping them to become balanced and calm will help them and their pet.

Gemma Blackwell
Pets Tails