Fired with passion deep inside

Arms around you gently glide

warm on warm, skin to skin,

Tender feelings from within

Fill my soul complete my being

Blind to all but you I’m seeing

Endless time in which to wallow

Loving feelings only follow

Resting calm within your arms

Enfolded by your very charms

Encompassed feelings linger each day

To soar my soul in every way

Gentle calmness fills my soul

THis heaven on earth in which we roll

Enveloped in love our life has been

A joy to behold for all to have seen

Until our end on this earthly plain

Our physical bond will forever remain

Beyond the grave our spirits entwine

For eternally together will combine

Universal energy binds our love

Evermore everlasting for all above

Colourful hues soak our soals

Soft music absorbed fills the very whole

Sweet fragrance fills the very air

With every scent you could compare

Each tasty morsel for each is sent

So there for the taking to keep content

As for our souls they now roam free

To gel as they want for ever to be

In happiness and harmony all entwine

Spirits and souls live on and combine

Helen Watson