Published: 7 August 2011

DeJa Who?

When I started on this path I am now on, my one goal was to cure myself of all my ills and in so doing to find the real “me”. And that was it really. Fortunately for me, Spirit had other ideas. After several years of exploration I knew that there were two things that rocked my world; one was Past Life work and the other Psychic Surgery, which is a story for another day.

Growing up, people would tell me how talented I was because I am musical and could play several instruments. I don’t but I can. Also artistic, which in some ways I have kept up. Being “arty crafty” as my Mother would call it meant I was hugely visual and I believe this is at the core of my past life work.

I must pay homage here to Judy Hall for it was her book, “Deja Who?” which piqued my interest in past lives and started me reading as much as I could find around the subject, which back then, wasn’t much. I started in a tentative way, learning a regression technique which was part of an ongoing series or Holistic Retuning courses. Having learnt the basics, I discovered that I could go in and out of past lives almost at will. A lot of the time it was like living in a parallel reality except that it was always different. I took every chance I could to be regressed and to regress my friends and family, learning all the time.

It is one of my most deeply seated beliefs that to have got to this point in this life and to be questioning in the way that so many of us are, that we have to have experienced a lot of what this great school of life has to offer us. So we have had the good life but also the not so good. We have been victim. We have also been perpetrator. In everything. So over all these lives we have been lied to and cheated, for example but we have also been the liar and the cheat.  And worse of course. So all the good stuff but also all the bad. How else could we learn all our life lessons? Sometimes we have come in and missed out on the lesson, after all we live in a free choice, free will world.  And then we repeat, not a life but a learning experience. We have lived a whole gamut of things, of emotions, of wounds, disabilities, both mental and physical and we have come to this point. Here and now.


So how can these past experiences help us this time around? Perhaps what you are shown has some bearing on what is going on. Perhaps you received a wound that is impacting on this life. Sometimes we are just shown that there is a different, maybe better way to be. Possibly it’s just interesting. But what is amazing is the eternal journey of the eternal soul. For whatever happens to the mind, body and spirit, we are certain that the soul does go on.

For me, and again this is my personal belief, I think that I have lived hundreds of lives, often in multiples and in other dimensions. I’ve looked at lives going back to Lemuria, before Atlantis and throughout the ages and seen some wonderful things. I’ve also seen some pretty awful things. The trick is to remember that although these things happened you were someone else at the time and they have no power to harm you now. They might make you think but that’s a good thing.

Another of my abiding beliefs is that all of time is happening in this instant, now. After all time is a man made concept. So all our past lives are happening at the same time as this one.  And so are our parallel and future lives in whatever dimension they are. So really all our lives are parallel, it’s just easier to think and talk about them as past or future, it makes things much less confusing.

I find that now when I give a reiki session, well that I don’t really do a reiki session as such any more, instead I work on the lives that present themselves to me or to my client. Often the lives we see in this situation are violent and bloody; after all in a healing situation it is an excellent time to heal the wound that has been carried through to this life or that is impacting on this life. This is where psychic surgery comes into its own with quite remarkable results making this a really brilliant way of using past life knowledge and giving my client a real informative healing session.

Using a regression technique can also have good results although sometimes people are disappointed that they weren’t Napoleon or Cleopatra, and that at first the regression can seem very mundane and the life viewed very pedestrian. Maybe somewhere along the way, we miss the point, or misread the life lesson. And then later, a few days or even a few months, the penny drops and something slots into place.

Another way of using past lives is in investigation, the beauty of this being that the work can be done remotely. Using Phoenix Cards as a starting point can be a help but is not always necessary. This way allows the client to send a list of questions to ask, for example “is my Mum in this life in any of my past lives”. It is always exciting when family members bobs up in a different body and it can be revealing about their character and life path.  This in and of itself can answer a lot of unasked questions.

Past lives can be an emotive and interesting concept and one that is often pooh poohed by many, even those who walk a spiritual path. That’s not to say that they are wrong and the believers are right, it just means we’re different. For me and others like me, I know that this present life is richer and more fulfilling for me knowing about my past lives. I believe I give a better treatment because of it; the knowledge and experience of those lives can come to the fore at any time if you let them. Try it and see if you get the chance, it could rock your world!